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Status Updates posted by wkdpaul

  1. PSA ; Apparently, Starlink is now available in Canada, great for rural area, you can finally say goodbye to sub 10Mbps connection @ $100.




    It's $800 for the hardware (tx and shipping included)

    $130 / month

    50 to 175 Mbps down depending on your area

    not sure about the data cap

    20 to 40 ms ping, expected to be lower than 20ms by the end of the year



    Starlink is now available in limited supply in your service area.


    During beta users can expect to see data speeds vary from 50Mb/s to 150Mb/s and latency from 20ms to 40ms in most locations over the next several months as we enhance the Starlink system. There will also be brief periods of no connectivity at all.


    As we launch more satellites, install more ground stations and improve our networking software, data speed, latency and uptime will improve dramatically. For latency, we expect to achieve 16ms to 19ms by summer 2021.



    What a great time to be living in!

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    2. givingtnt


      My grandparents just got internet at their house, in city.
      My immediate thought was "Holy shit this is perfect for the farm! (they have one on south shore and it's kinda far from infrastructure)

      But I doubt I can make an actual excuse to get Starlink hardware lol

    3. givingtnt


      Also, 800$ for hardware is nothing compared to having a line routed to your far out house.
      An uncle of mine had Videotron run basic cable internet to his house and it cost him 35 000$ for the installation.

    4. like_ooh_ahh



      20ms to 40ms

      For that latency and upfront cost for satellite internet, I’d rather go with 4G LTE home internet that uses low band spectrum for wider coverage for rural areas and mid band spectrum for more bandwidth rich activities. I’m not sure if it’s offered in Canada but in the US, T-Mobile and Verizon offers them. 

  2. *people complaining about LTT click baiting*

    Videocardz.com : hold my beer



    1. ProjectBox153


      I'm curious to see what the pricing is going to be like. This might make a good upgrade to replace my GT 710. But yeah, that's a stupid headline. 

    2. Spotty


      Videocardz: you won't BELIEVE what was HELD to make THIS

    3. Moonzy


      Slap 8gb of vram onto it and make the RAM fast so it'll be great for eth mining


      Miners will flock to those cards and leave higher end cards for the rest of us

  3. I'm surprised LTT wasn't able to make something like this, especially since they have all those fancy tools (laser cutter, CNC, etc...)




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    2. TopHatProductions115


      @TVwazhereIf you had to pick between this and the open-bench case in your notifs feed, which would you prefer? Why/why not?

    3. TVwazhere
    4. TVwazhere


      @TopHatProductions115there's a lot of context to this answer, and the answer changed depending on time and location but:


      Right now I'd have to take the Masterframe 700 simply because it's at least a case I can put together and it's complete. No it's not great for dust, no it's not great for protecting your components from outside elements and factors, both of which the invisible (desk) pc offer, however at this stage I currently have A, nowhere to put a desk PC, B the time and effort required to put into it because it's entirely custom is a huge downside to that approach and C, I'm not a "super minimalist" kind of person so having something so thin for the sake of aesthetics but at a potential cost to cooling or ease of maintenance doesnt vibe with me. 


      However, within the next year I will likely move, and as such would build a new pc. And in that time, I'd likely lean towards something custom over something open air, as it's more than jsut a show piece, it can be used and maintained (cleaned) easier and less frequently than an open air system. 


      I'd still just go with a Meshify 2 in reality though. I'm not ready to take the plunge into desk or Show case PC cases

  4. I'm confused by one of my stock, there's a class action against them, the stock went down for a few days (bought more stock during that time), and today it's up at the same price it was before the class action news ... oh well! More $$$ in my pockets then.


    Then another stock did the opposite, it jumped for a few days (I sold a few options), and now it's back to it's 1 month average price (so I just bought back what I sold 2 days ago) ... so again, more $$$ in my pockets! lol


    BTW, this is a TFSA account, and a small part of it are stocks that I can play with, for the fun of it. I'm not a day trader and I have no intention of becoming one, so please don't take my anecdotes as advice, and don't ask me any tips ; I don't have any.

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    2. wkdpaul



      I'm lucky and didn't need CERB, but if I would, I would've had said TFSA in case of emergency, I wouldn't have invested it! lol



      Yeah, "Tax-Free-Savings-Account" is genius, doubled my stock portion in 2 years, thankfully it's only a small portion of my TFSA, because when you go over the limit, you need to pay fines to the federal government. Had that happened with my wife's account on the first year she was eligible, the bank made a mistake in the amounts she could put in initially and we went over by a few hundreds. They didn't pay the fine or gave us a refund, but they did credited my wife's bank plan, so she didn't have to pay for a few months, so there's that! :P

    3. givingtnt


      I'm happy I got it because straight out of college there were essentially no jobs lol.
      First real reply was in October-ish. But I still don't know if I can spend any of it so I didn't.

      I'm waiting on tax returns to do anything to see if the feds want it back or not.

    4. soldier_ph


      PMT = Paul Money Tips

  5. 1st day of 2021 be like ;


  6. not to self, gotta place stock order before the market close, not a minute AFTER it close ... :(

    1. Spotty


      This is also good advice for when ordering pizza. 

  7. 🤣



    1. Benji


      ^    _^ Ah, I see. You're not working in IT, you're a flight attendant :P

  8. Last week tonight, always interesting, and amazing into IMO ;



    1. Den-Fi


      It's been super weird with no audience to bounce the jokes off of.

      Almost wish it had a laugh track. But yes to everything you said.

      Loved when he bought all that debt and forgave it.

    2. piratemonkey


      I love John Oliver

  9. Seriously, only Ryan Reynolds would make me sit through an ad like this ... and still be happy I did ... God damn it !


    Match.com ad, you don't have to watch it (so it's in a spoiler). But it's funny af (previous one is also funny, the premise here is that Satan and the year 2020 are a perfect match 🤣 )




  10. WTF Reddit, why am I bombarded by videos of Jonathan Frakes saying things or asking questions for 40 odd seconds ????

    1. Benji


      That's my experience using YouTube without an Ad Blocker, the difference being that the voices talking are saying way less interesting things in way less soothing voices.

  11. Pretty much on point, thanks Ryan Reynolds !!!



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    2. wkdpaul


      yeah I was wondering WTF it was myself, didn't realize it was even an ad until I went reading the comments because I was curious! lol 

    3. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      i read the comments and still couldn't figure out as no one mentioned what it was, it was all memes.

    4. wkdpaul


      He posted it hours ago, I saw the video within minutes of it being up, and there were a few comments mentioning it was an ad from match


    1. wkdpaul


      So, it's "meh" because unless you can get it as MSRP, you're better off with a 3070.


      Still pretty impressive to see the 3060ti is pretty much on par with a 2080 Super !!!!




      If you can get it at $400, then yeah, it's a great buy IMO.

    2. soldier_ph


      Yay another Card to get Scalped to death



  13. Placed a pickup order at Canada Computers yesterday ... it's still showing pending. It'll be 24h in 4 hours. :(


    I think I'll just show up at lunch time (in 2 hours) and see if it's ready.

    1. soldier_ph
    2. wkdpaul


      @soldier_ph didn't have time to go and pick it up ... and online it says my order is still not ready to pickup, so nothing I guess :(

    3. wkdpaul


      Stopped by yesterday evening, they're out of stock and the inventory shown on the website is inaccurate. So it's back ordered, I'm still getting the sale price at least. Will post in the recent purchase threads when I get it !

  14. I forgot that Cyberpunk 2077 was first announced in 2012 !!!! (check here)


    Relevant YT comment ;





    For those that don't want to click ;


    Spectrum Chord
    3 weeks ago (edited)
    Things that have happened since Cyberpunk was announced: 
    - 2 Resident Evil Remakes 
    - 2 Tlous 
    - 2 Rockstar open world games
    - 2 Dark Souls
    - 3 Gears of War 
    - 11 Call of Duty’s
    - 9 Assassin's Creeds 
    - 2 God of wars 
    - 3 Miyazaki games
    - 2 Uncharteds
    - 2 Devil May Cry's 
    - 3 Watch Dogs
    - 2 games and 1 Kojima demo 
    - 2 Nomura games
    - 1 The Last Guardian 
    - Announcement that Final Fantasy Versus 13 became FFXV and launch
    - Baldurs Gate 3 launched 
    - Diablo 4 has been announced 
    - Kingdoms hearts and a prologue 
    - Announcement and launch of Shenmue 3
    - Announcement and launch of FF VII Remake
    - 3 Fallouts 
    - 4 Battlefields 
    - Ouya was born and died 
    - 2 World Cups
    - 1 entire Star Wars trilogy 
    - Crash came back with a remastered trilogy, won a racing spin off and a mainline sequel.
    - 6 Yakuzas
    - 5 JoJo animations 
    - 2 Popes 
    - 2 Spider-man reboots in theaters
    - 3 Avengers movies
    - Death of the Wii U and birth of the Switch
    - Launch of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
    - Xbox One and Xbox Series launch 
    - Stadia's birth and his future death
    - Shingeki no Kyojin was in its first season and now Cyberpunk will launch 3 days after its last season
     - Skyrim in the Fridge
     - 1 Half-Life game and 1 remastered
     - Riot's new project called Project A was developed a year after this teaser released and now called Valorant
     - 5 NFS games and 1 remastered
     - 1 Mega Man
     - GTA V in 7 different platforms
     - Covid-19 is already a year old
     - 5 Animal Crossings
     - 2 Insurgency's
     - A first picture of black hole
     - 2 Destiny's 
     - 12 Pokemon games and 4 generations
     - Naruto became hokage
     - 2 USA presidents
     - 1 Medal of Honor and 1 announced
     - 1 Red Faction remastered 
     - 2 Doom's
     - Cyberpunk 2077 got delayed for the 3rd time


    1. Cyberspirit



      Shingeki no Kyojin was in its first season and now Cyberpunk will launch 3 days after its last season

      This explains everything... They were too foxused on the anime that they couldn't get any work done on the game!

    2. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      9 Assassin's Creeds  Lmao 

    3. soldier_ph
  15. New project at work ; Tier 1.5


    Things that should be taken care by tier 2, but are too plentiful and are causing issues (account creation and removal, access to restricted folders or application access, etc...)


    I'm tier 2 & 3, but unfortunately because of COVID and staff shortage, lately I've been more tier 2 and tier 1 (short of answering the phone) than anything else. So my boss, and my boss's boos decided we should have a tier 1.5 for those things (best of the tier 1 guys, that's about 8 people distributed on a day / evening / night shift), so that I have more time and work on more tier 3 stuff and won't have to deal with folder access and printer issues ...


    Just did some delegations for one of the domain, tested with 2 of the techs, it's all working, so I'll implement those to the other 5 domains. Once done, I still have training to do, so it's not over yet, but I'll finally be able to move onto bigger projects (I was the one taking new clients, new environments, new *everything*, to document and train, but with COVID, it got crazy and I got stuck with a few clients that I can't just pass on like this without doing all this (new procedures, new people and more training)).

    1. Slottr


      That won't be confusing in the future at all lol

  16. Don't know why the THX deep note is so satisfying to hear.


    They even have it embedded on their website in case you need an eargasm ;



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    2. Benji


      Fun fact: The THX "Deep Note" isn't atually that low/deep, it just has a lot of layered synthesised effects which give it a spacious, "deep" sound, but it isn't really low/challenging for any subwoofer.

    3. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      just a tip, if anyone is using realtek, do yourself a favor and select this, you'll thank me later 



    4. Benji


      @Rohith_Kumar_Sp *correction* If anybody has a decent audio setup, turn everything to flat and all surround/enhancement shit off.

  17. Don't know if it's a good case, but $45 CAD for a windowed mATX case seems like a great deal !!!



    1. Techstorm970


      It's the most popular budget case right now!

  18. just gonna drop this here, and walk away ...



    1. Windows7ge


      *picks up dropped embedded video*


      Sir? SIR! You dropped this!


      *starts chasing after you*

  19. Just saw the P400A is $89 on Newegg Canada ... but $50 shipping ??? damn !!



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    2. James Evens

      James Evens

      Shipping is a pain.

      Mindfactory takes $10. Which is a complete disaster if you think about buying a $20 product like a SD-card, small SATA SSD or some fans.

      On the other hand where I bought the SSD today is the opposite. Yes they use Hermes as this was there own company but they give you 15€ newsletter discount (just 30€ or more purchase required) + some months "prime"/free shipping and from there on it is either 10€ per year or 6€ per order at the moment.


      For the $50 shipping I guess they ship it from newegg USA to canada.

    3. wkdpaul


      Actually, that would make sense, I know Newegg sometimes do ship stuff from the US.

    4. dizmo


      It's actually not that bad considering it's coming from the US. But, it's definitely a reason why I don't buy from NewEgg.

  20. Played CSGO for a while (2 years), and I'm not even close to being this good ;




    note ; she has both arms, she's doing this to flex

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    2. TopHatProductions115


      Literally playing with one arm behind her back. Savage.

    3. wkdpaul




      * random guy shit talking and laughing at her because "a gIrL PLayInG a VidEo GaMe ?!???!?!111?" *

      Her ; hold my beer ... no wait ... I can hold my beer and wipe the floor with these guys !!!




    4. TopHatProductions115


      The Twitch Streamer:


      *also happened to climb up, with one hand*

  21. Finally switched over to my 100/30 Mbps connection today ! :D





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    2. Den-Fi
    3. Benji


      I would DIE for fiber in my house. In out apartment complex there actually is fiber, but it is not the current GPON standard because I am certain that it was put in earlier than the GPON was actually rolled out and it is only available for the addiction therapists offices exactly one floor beneath us.

      Although I'd love to ask my dear provider if they could make it happen. Because, given the fact that the outdoor box that handles it already has fiber ports and the piping is already in the ground, it shouldn't be hard to open the box outdoors and blow a cable through that really wide piping and get it up to our apartment.

    4. wkdpaul




      What they have in my neighborhood is FTTN, so it's ADSL to the Fiber node, and from there it's fiber, but it looks like there's need for infrastructure upgrade in my area since it can take 10-15 minutes for the VDSL modem to communicate with the servers to initiate a connection (and I recently started having lots of random drops). My last place was also FTTN, but the Fiber node was right in front of my place and it would take 1-2 minutes MAX to connect (it was usually seconds, but could take longer on a modem restart).

  22. The Logitech G604 isn't on sale on Amazon Canada, but just realized it's available elsewhere ;



    1. Letgomyleghoe


      have someone ship one across the border with a model train trailer park boys style.

  23. Holy pre-black-friday sales Batman !!!



    1. Skiiwee29


      I have a 604 on my desk right now. Great multitasking, mmo, moba, and fps mouse. 

  24. Got a pair of Mpow H7.


    I'm surprised by the build quality and sound quality.


    Keep in mind those are $34 (CAD, so $26USD), I recharged them for 30 minutes before using them. I've been using them for almost 2h now and the battery is still reporting 90%+


    Sound has a bit too much bass and it's a bit muddy, nothing a small EQ setting can't fix. But there's no distortion, even at high volume.


    I haven't tried the mic yet, but I'm not expecting it to be anything good.


    The only issue I have with it is the ear cups, I prefer the cloth type cups (like the ones on my Logitech G433), and being an on-ear headphone, they're a bit uncomfortable for me (it makes my glasses arms dig in my ears). I might hand them down to my daughter and get the H19 IPO instead. Note that they come with an aux cable and can be used wired instead of wireless (BT), though, the cable doesn't have an inline mic, so you won't be able to use it for call.


    Overall, if you're looking for an ok pair of on-ear headphones for cheap, you can't really go wrong with them. If you're looking something with a good microphone, or for over-the-ear headphones, look elsewhere.