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  1. Despite not having a wall big enough to take advantage of the full size it projects, I would invite my friends for a movie night immediately!
  2. That will be the desktop version of the GTX 1080 which will fit inside a notebook. Alienware is planning on doing this too, just based on the TDP of the card which will be 180W so it has to be a desktop version.
  3. Xperoa Z3 I believe but that's not fou shou [emoji4]
  4. Yep the g810 caught my eye as well, I would instantly buy if its coming with a wrist rest which would be the deal sealer for me. I know it was just announced but does anyone know ?
  5. Well, first things first, is it an inkjet or a laser printer? I'm pretty sure every inkjet printer has to have a colour calibration option in the driver. If you replace the colour cartridge, that should do the job. For laser printers it could be the yellow cartridge or even the drum. What printer model is it?
  6. If you have a 330w power supply (most powerful shipped from Dell for the X51) which I assume you don't as the components don't require it, I would recommend getting that one first and then get a GTX 960 which Dell was also offering for this pc. Get the one with the reference designed cooler or something really close to it, it will fit just fine.
  7. Give people the power to install the OS for free, their OS is already in a horrible state prior to the installation, most of them have 0 knowledge how an OS works. Then they sue MS because they are stupid enough to use an OS. I feel sorry for Microsoft for once...
  8. One S was my last HTC Phone which was awsome for that time it ende up with Android 4.1 which wasn't satisfactory for me, I rooted the phone and it became even better but I ended up destroying the phone. Now I'm stuck with Samsung and couldn't be happier.
  9. This apparently isn't anything new, but I was stunned after applying the patch provided in the article. I am forced to use my monitor with HDMI (the other port being VGA), which I always though was sh*tty because the color were just off, but after I connected my TV to HDMI and the colours were still washed out, I knew something's not right. So everybody using a nVidia card with a HDMI connected monitor should try this, you can still revert to original color spectrum. it extends the color spectrum from 16-235 to the standard 0-255. Source: http://www.pcgamer.com//nvidia-cards-don
  10. Both of the can be folded so no problem there... Urbanite XL are the more stylish ones if you ask me... comes from an ath m50x owner.
  11. I would not ever invest more than 30 dollars in gaming headset, their quality is just rubbish, I might consider the Superlux HD668B though but would rather get a decent open or closed headphone from an audiophile brand.
  12. Patres87

    ATH M20x thoughts?

    If you are not an audiophile, then you will be pretty happy with these, if you don't need a microphone, I can guarantee you that these beat all of the gaming headset it this price category. Gaming headset sucks, 'nough said !
  13. To me the ATH M20X do have bit of a hollow sound... Well judge for yourself, here is a recorded sample on how they sound: https://soundcloud.com/sonic-sense-pro-audio/audio-technica-m20x/s-sD3X6?in=sonic-sense-pro-audio/sets/headphones-test#t=0:00 I think they will be better than your Sony Iphone docking station or whatever that Sony ICF-DS11iP might be Just don't set your expectation to high
  14. Mad Catz PC V.5 Keyboard which find OK, but tried better membrane keyboards... Roccat Kone Pure, which is to small for my hands, as I'm not able to palm it very well.
  15. As much as I honour his opinion, the fact is, that HTC messed up the camera. My point is, I hope the best *a flag ship-killer* is still yet to come !
  16. Find it ridiculous yet impressive how Microsoft learns on their own faults and gets back to the roots. Basically they had put a out an OS with those drastic changes a then they started listening to their users for what they actually want.
  17. Yeah and what Gordon aged in the game & looked like this:
  18. A logical step would be releasing a Source 2 game on Steam OS making it a Steam OS exclusive or give a good reason for installing it on Steam OS - like better performance etc. I wouldn't be suprised at all.
  19. The best cards Dell was offering with this system were AMD Radeon 7870 2GB or nVidia GeForce GTX 660 1.5GB, PSU was always a 460 Watt no matter what CPU/video card was inside. Anything with similar power consumption will fit without upgrading the PSU.