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  1. You've done a great job with linus media group, can't wait to see where it goes to next.
  2. Been looking around for a 480-512GB SSD, and decided to see if you guys had any suggestions. Budget is about $200-$300, doesn't need to be the fastest one, but still from a reliable company. I saw Corsair recently added Force LX and this one caught my eye (however it isn't out yet). Also looked at this one from Crucial. Just give me your thoughts, and which other ones you'd suggest for this price point. Thanks.
  3. Favorite thing: Those front facing speakers, no other smartphone is smart enough to do that. dat phone though
  4. Here is the link to the product on Snap-on's site: http://store.snapon.com/Standard-Handle-Screwdriver-Ratcheting-Magnetic-Standard-Orange-8-3-4--P634146.aspx
  5. Ok, the computer did not freeze this time, and the temps were about the same (85 for cpu, 65 for gpu). I sent in the WU that my graphics slot completed (i'll check the stats online later to see if it counted), but im still waiting on my cpu to finish (its at about 75%). Now i know the QRB starts when you have 10 WU completed, but since my first cpu WU had to restart, will that affect the 80% return rate that QRB requires?
  6. Alright, I already had HWmonitor, and when I opened it up, all my temps were ok. The cpu maxed at 83, and gpu maxed at 61 (gpu is pretty low actually). I did not overclock my laptop either. I will try running HWmonitor for an 18 hour time frame and see if the freeze happens again
  7. So yesterday I decided to download and start folding, however after about 18 hours I woke my computer up from the screen saver and found that it was frozen (couldn't do anything, not even ctrl+alt+dlt). I was forced to manually power it off, and turn it back on again. When I launched the FAH Client again, though, all the progress on my cpu had reset (gpu was still there). I had checked previously at around the 12 hour mark, and it was around 30% through the first WU. I know that the Folding project is suppose to save a certain checkpoints, but i'm curious why mine did not. Info about my sy