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  1. Thank you for your reply. I already have both the older vs 550(yellow) and the newer vs 550 (grey). Older one cant even run my ryzen pc while stress testing even with my older 1050ti. Forget about aida64 or prime95 with the older version vs550, my pc restarts even when I'm running cinebench. The newer version runs my ryzen build with 1050ti fine but with 2060 I can feel it being a little stressed. GPU starts coil whining with the newer vs 550(grey). So thats the reason for thinking about an upgrade. I'm thinking about TX650M from corsair which is around $100 here. This will allow me to overclo
  2. thank you. will keep that in mind in future.
  3. Here cant find those beautiful aftermarket cables like cable mod. have to stick with those provided with the psu. so semi modular fully modular is least of my concern. i just want my pc to run good and last good.
  4. I've seen this tier list where txm is higher in the list than mwe gold but i was wondering why. and where should i post this kind of stuff ? help a noob out here ?
  6. thank you for your reply. can you point out why corsair txm series is better than cooler master mwe? and im thinking about upgrading cpu to 9900k or something like that in near future thats why i was thinking about 650.
  7. My pc specs are - r5-1600 @1.4v @4100Mhz Asrock B450-pro4 3000 mhz xpg 8gb *2 running at 2666 2*120gb sata ssd + 2*7200 1tb hdd Inno3D RTX 2060 non super 6gb ddr6 192bit I'm looking for a good psu. In my local market after some research I've selected "cooler master mwe 650/750 gold fully modular" or "corsair tx650m semi modular gold". which one is better ? Is 550 watt enough for my build or 650 or higher ? Now i have vs 550 which is not liked by a lot of people and I can now see it struggling with my rtx card.
  8. can you guys recommand a psu with more or less good oc headroom, and which won't decrease the life span of the components too ?
  9. I have a system containing ryzen 1600, 2*8gb ddr42666, 2ssds + 2hdds, asrock b450pro4,and one tiny gtx 1050ti. All this is powered by corsair vs 550 psu. I'm thinking of upgrading to a rtx 2060. Is my psu gonna be ok with that ?
  10. Will ADATA XPG 256GB SX8200 Pro(ASX8200PNP-256GT-C) support ASRock B450-PRO4 motherboard ? Which has ultra m.2 slot gen 3x4 .
  11. It's this part I didn't get "It's dependent on the weakest link in the chain"
  12. I have an asrock b450 pro4 motherboard , ryzen 5 1600 . Thinking of getting adata xpg spectrix d40 (AX4U320038G16-DRS) which is in the QVL of this specific motherboard. So, my question is will my 1600 be able to support 3200Mhz with this mobo and ram ?
  13. even zotac 1060 mini is $300 here . so between these 3 which one is the best price per performance card ?
  14. MSI GEFORCE® GTX 1050 TI 4G OCV1 = $175 ASUS ROG-STRIX-RX570-O4G-GAMING = $210 Which one to buy ? for gaming and editing ?
  15. First of all thank you for being such a wonderful support. And sorry for being such a nuisance. You really helped me a lot last couple of days. Yesterday I was able to stress test with aida64 extreme for more than 1 hour, it was running appx 3.45 ghz with this motherboard and crucial 2400 ram. And after that i tried the test again, now with "stress system memory" and it crashed. And now any stress test crashing. So, what do you think ? How much is the possibility of a bad cpu ?