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  1. Hello and good day... im thinking of implementing "due to my fathers request" an upgrade to our small family business network. now i an new to networking outside of basic ISP to switch to PC networking and would like more experienced users to look at what im thinking of implementing if its viable. please take note that this is a small family business and buying expensive network gear might be a little stretch to our budget. this is the said network layout. Now for my explanation on why i would like to set it up this way.
  2. Good day. So basically i was looking for a cheap RGB 140mm fan for my PC case and found this decent priced fans... but i didnt fully read the description, so low and behold the fans are actually addressable RGB fans with separate RGB wires. and it didn't come with a controller. This is the full specification of the fans. Bearing Type: Hydraulic Bearing Fan Type: Chassis Fan Air volume: - 120: 50CFM - 140: 85CFM Wind speed: 500-1500 (±500) RPM Noise: 25-29 dBA Power: - 120:DC 12V/0.15A/1.8W - 140:DC 12V/0.25A/3W Static Pressure: - 120: 0.96 mm H2O - 140: 1.23 mm
  3. public GameObject TargetCube; // Start is called before the first frame update void Start() { // transform.LookAt(TargetCube.transform); // Quaternion q, q1; // q = Quaternion.AngleAxis(90.0f, Vector3.up); // q1 = Quaternion.AngleAxis(90.0f, Vector3.right); // transform.rotation = q * q1; Vector3 toOther = TargetCube.transform.position - transform.position; toOther.Normalize(); Vector3 axis = Vector3.Cross(Vector3.forward, toOther); float angle = Mathf.Acos(Vector3.Dot(Vector3.forward, toOther)); Qu
  4. So basically after days of researching i finally found a way to detect if my player(green square) is intersecting with another picturebox. but my code makes it so that i have to write down which picturebox it is thats intersecting. Private Function IntersectWith() As Boolean Dim recInter As Rectangle recInter.Location = MyPlayer.PointToScreen(New Point(0D, 0D)) recInter.Size = New Size(MyPlayer.Width, MyPlayer.Height) Dim ChkPass As Rectangle ChkPass.Location = Floor2.PointToScreen(New Point(0D, 0D)) ChkPass.Size = New Siz
  5. yeah.... i was searching amazon for Nvme and im like.. daim they expensive...
  6. Here's a link https://www.gigabyte.com/ph/Motherboard/Z370-HD3-rev-10/sp#sp
  7. see.. i dont know jack shit if (PCIe x4/x2 SSD support) means that it can support NVme then i didnt know that.
  8. Yeah i dont think my Motherboard supports Nvme anyway...
  9. So im thinking of upgrading my M.2 Storage.. Im still new in the M.2 Business, so i need help.. this is my M.2 specification.. 1 x M.2 connector (Socket 3, M key, type 2242/2260/2280/22110 SATA and PCIe x4/x2 SSD support) My question is will this WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB Internal PC SSD - SATA III 6 Gb/s, M.2 2280, Up to 560 MB/s - WDS100T2B0B be supported in my Motherboard?
  10. So basically.. i Ordered an MSI But instead i got Amazon link is here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XZ21HH7 So my question is.. Should i keep it? i know it has a better CPU but i kinda wanted the 1650 GTX... but then also its gonna be a real hassle to ship the laptop back to the USA.. Since i live in the Philippines. Need opinion plz.
  11. AAAGHH... switching from Python to VB.net and datatype manipulation is soo weird >.>
  12. thanks for all the replies.. i am still rapping my head with this and all this new ideas are helping me greatly.
  13. yeah i would love to know how to do that class thing as well.. but we haven't discussed that in our school yet.. the code already has a for loop statement in it. its just the taking the string and making it into decimal thats giving me a hard time >.>
  14. well the string would look like this "Apple - P20.00" in the list.. so i want to split this string to "Apple - P" "20.00" and then take the "20.00" and turn it into a decimal so that i can total it...
  15. Public Class Form1 Public listProdAndPrice As New List(Of String) Public totalPrice As New Decimal Public splitValue As New Decimal Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnAddToList.Click lsbProdAndPrice.Items.Clear() listProdAndPrice.Add(txbProdName.Text & " - P" & txbProdPrice.Text) For Each lsbItems In listProdAndPrice lsbProdAndPrice.Items.Add(lsbItems) splitValue = Next End Sub End Class (Code is not complete) im just stuck with this problem Q.Q i want to split