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    I7 4790
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    MSI H97 MATX
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    16 GB
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    R9 280x
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    Fractal Define R4
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    250 GB SSD 1TB HDD
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    Corsair 600 Watt
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    Windows 10 (duh)

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  1. I'm going to be at work all day and won't be able to respond to anything, so I'l try to give as much info as possible. I have a MacBook Pro that's running MacOS and Windows through bootcamp. I bought a 1TB Samsung external SSD and I'm not sure how I need to partition it. I would like to use it as extra storage on both operating systems. Do I need to have 2 separate 500GB partitions for each operating system or can I just have a single 1TB partition that I can use from both operating systems? Also, if I need separate partitions, what file systems do they need to be? Thank you in advance.
  2. Also, here is the swap function: void swap(double *x, double *y) { double temp = *x; *x = *y; *y = temp; }
  3. Hey everyone, I'm trying to implement bubble sort in c++ with the requirement that it uses pointers instead of regular arrays. I have the algorithm entered, but on the line where the if statement checks the if the current element is greater than the next element, I get the error, "Indirection requires pointer operand ('double' invalid)" If anyone knows what's causing this, please let me know, below is the code. void sort(double *scores, int numberOfScores) { bool swapped; for(int i = 0; i < numberOfScores - 1; i++) { swapped = false; f
  4. Thank you everyone for your advice! Hopefully we'll be up and running pretty soon.
  5. Yep we'd be using this machine more for our own personal use (not to say that it wouldn't help with our current assignments).
  6. Yeah this machine is more for personal projects, but I definitely agree on universities not discriminating based on how good your PC is. Unfortunately, we can't really use the universities hardware for our own personal projects so we need to build our own.
  7. Hello all, me and my friend are currently in college and are getting into computer science and more specifically deep learning. We have been programming several neural networks but the problem is that they take forever to train on my crappy old laptop. I'm looking in to building a new computer specifically for training these networks. Since the graphics card is what does all the heavy work, I'll probably go with a 1080. My question is, what CPU and RAM setup would I need to go along with this build? Thanks
  8. in the high 70's on a load. I could always reduce the overclock, but I like my performance where it is.
  9. I don't know man, CPU running upwards of 4 ghz and overclocked GPU
  10. My temps have been getting too hot and I have been thinking of starting a liquid cooling setup. Anyone have the define r4 and using liquid cooling? If so what is your setup?
  11. It's a steal if you're going to be using the google assistant that's integrated. However, I wouldn't recommend getting it just for the speaker.
  12. Oh ok I usually use afterburner. Thanks for the help.
  13. Did you change the core voltage at all or is it the default?