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  1. Agree
    normpearii reacted to lewdicrous in Windows 21H2 (2021 Update 2) will be a total overhaul of the OS (Codenamed Sun Valley)   
    "Pro" tip: don't update at launch, let others be the beta testers.
  2. Funny
    normpearii reacted to Arika S in MTX is the future - Ubisoft to shift focus away from AAA development   
    *walk up to a car to steal it*
    *press Y*
    *popup box*:
    To unlock this car you will need to buy a lockpick for $0.99, or you can buy 10 for $7.99. Go to store?
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    normpearii reacted to givingtnt in GALAX RTX 3090 HOF - Better than Kingpin?   
    What happens when you put it on one of those vertical mounts?
  4. Funny
    normpearii reacted to jaslion in Raja Koduri shows Ponte Vecchio (Xe HPC) package, That's a lot of chiplets.   
    I hope that because there are so many chiplets they avoided getting too much latency between them. If they do have a lot of latency they should probably look at their glue quality :p.
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    normpearii reacted to George Vella in RIP Tyler   
    Linus just tweeted that unfortunately we lost Tyler. Tyler was an amazing person, according to what most people said. And from what I saw on camera I agree. I'm really sorry for his loss. If there is anything the tech community can do to help his family, Im sure we'll be able to. May he rest in peace.🤍🤍
    EDIT ;
    The tweet ;
    They might do a charity stream ;
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    normpearii reacted to Arika S in Report: S Pen on Fold 3, Z Flip 3 and Z Fold FE, Note series discontinued?   
    Aren't the fold and the flip essentially plastic screens? A stylus seems like a bad idea. 
  8. Agree
    normpearii reacted to poochyena in Trudeau government promises to connect 98% of Canadians to high-speed internet by 2026   
    You can't do both. If you force them to expand into unprofitable and expensive projects, then they will have to dramatically increase prices.
  9. Agree
    normpearii reacted to WereCatf in A swift kick in the NATs   
    Take a look at your firewall; you'll most likely see a ton of stuff there with permissions allowed for local network. Well, since the traffic is coming from the router, that is in the local network...
  10. Funny
    normpearii reacted to GoodBytes in Apple allegedly breaks camera functionality on iPhone 12 when the camera is replaced by an end user   
    You guys don't understand. Apple is just trying to be environmentally friendly.
    If people could change their camera, it will be a camera at the bin. Then they'll change more things, that is more things that gets thrown out. 1 becomes 2 becomes 3... massive pile! This new approach, allows consumer to change only 1 thing... their phone... and Apple has a special network for recycling, which involves putting everything in a shipping container and have it sent to China, giving jobs to people in poverty separating components and hope to make a dime! Their body also absorb a lot of toxic material that would be otherwise be thrown in the environment. This is good!
    I am glad that Samsung is following suit as well, where the finger print sensor is now locked with the display. This is the path forward.
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    normpearii reacted to Moonzy in Custom RTX 3080 graphics cards are crashing games en masse   
    thank you beta testers
    that's why you should be patient when buying a new product
  12. Funny
    normpearii reacted to TempestCatto in Windows 10 October 2020 Update - Here is everything you need to know - OUT NOW   
    Inb4 a mass of people flood the forums because the "update" borked their system and wiped all their porn.
  13. Funny
    normpearii reacted to rcmaehl in RTX 3080 “Paper Edition” eBay scam   
    Even if you sell a printed picture for $800, with the cost of ink you're probably only breaking even
  14. Funny
    normpearii reacted to rcmaehl in RTX 3080 “Paper Edition” eBay scam   
    Even if you sell a printed picture for $800, with the cost of ink you're probably only breaking even
  15. Agree
    normpearii reacted to SFFDesigns in BOTS ruin 3080 launch   
    I very much think a captcha would have been important
  16. Agree
    normpearii reacted to DeScruff in Rumored rtx 3090 performance slides leaked   
    2x... 2x what? Max, min, avg Fps? Volumetric lighting performance?  You can claim 2x performance quite easily when you dont specify what the metric is.
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  18. Funny
    normpearii reacted to leadeater in Threadripper becomes Portable   
    So portable in the sense that you also need/have portable power source?
    Better add this on to the purchase:

  19. Funny
    normpearii reacted to Trik'Stari in Thermaltake wants to revolutionize the way how you apply Thermal Paste   
    *The Verge would like to know more*
  20. Informative
    normpearii reacted to mr moose in [Update: Official Opposition Papers added] Whatcha Got There? A Smoothie - Apple legally opposes Meal Prep Companies' Fruit Logo   
    This is a classic case of nuisance litigation, even though apple has nothing to gain from it other than the satisfaction of fucking the economy and a couple of hard workers over with another destroyed ailed business, they are still going to be a nuisance.
    I'm still pissed that the beetles couldn't afford to keep fighting apple over the apple music trademarks debacle.   
    after winning many battles apple corps ended up paying apple computers to use their own trademarks. 
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  22. Funny
    normpearii reacted to Djole123 in Ryzen 4000 Mobile bottleneck concerns rise as PCIe is allegedly limited to 8x   
    Edit: I just now realise the insignificance of the issue. It'll probably only affect like 3% of the Ryzen userbase.
    I should probably stop reading Wccftech.
  23. Agree
    normpearii reacted to jaslion in AT&T tells consumers to change their phones since they will stop working   
    Wait so you are telling me perfectly good smartphones people have just bought and that can still be bought new just will not work? That just sounds stupid to me.
  24. Funny
    normpearii reacted to LukeSavenije in Nvidia looking at acquiring Arm   
    Apple acquires Nvidia after Nvidia buys out ARM from Softbank
  25. Funny
    normpearii reacted to valdyrgramr in Nvidia looking at acquiring Arm   
    Does that mean AMD gets the rest of the body?