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    soundlogic got a reaction from Spork829 in Want to treat myself to nice IEMs. $100- Recommendations?   
    Cheers thanks. I'm really reluctant to spend more than $20 on KZs, a lot of chi-fi IEMs tend to ship with the same crappy cable, and I know they can be replaced but that 2-pin system just hasn't worked for me across all the IEMs I've owned. Worst part is the earphones would just fall off the cable, so I had to superglue them in place, defeating the purpose of a replaceable able.
    The Tin T5, still a maybe!
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    soundlogic reacted to CerealExperimentsLain in Unexpectedly long-lasting tech   
    When someone considers a sound bar lasting for 7 years to be 'unexpectedly long', it's really telling about what consumers expect from their purchases. =X
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    soundlogic reacted to DzulfiqarZahranS in Unexpectedly long-lasting tech   
    Logitech K120 and Logitech B175, 8 years and still counting.
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    soundlogic reacted to Commodus in Oneplus 8 or Pixel 4a?   
    The OP8 will be miles faster than the Pixel 4a, so I'd spring for that even knowing that its camera hardware and software update policy won't be as strong.
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    soundlogic reacted to Biohazard777 in High RAM usage at idle?   
    Yeah it is perfectly normal for Windows 10 to take up that much at idle.
    Here is mine right now (pretty much everything closed, even closed the browser when taking the screenshot):

    Unused RAM is wasted RAM, only when the OS isn't releasing RAM when needed by programs/games does it become a problem.
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    soundlogic reacted to Chris Pratt in High RAM usage at idle?   
    It's entirely normal for Windows alone to utilize 2.5-3GB or RAM, so seems about right.
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    soundlogic reacted to 8tg in Unexpectedly long-lasting tech   
    I’ve been using the same iPod since 2009.

    Every single day without issue.

    Some other ones to note:
    -I used a Thinkpad T42 from 2004 as my only computer until 2017, for everything from web browsing to some old games to watching YouTube or painting
    -I used my iPhone 4S every day until very recently where it was finally replaced as discord and Twitter stopped working, I have had it since launch day
    -my watch is an original Casio F91W I was given as a child which my dad used to own and bought brand new when they first came to the US market 
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    soundlogic reacted to Somerandomtechyboi in Unexpectedly long-lasting tech   
    A freaking atom n450 laptop, had it for around 9-10 years and it still works, its slow af but it still works xD
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    soundlogic reacted to Kronoton in Unexpectedly long-lasting tech   
    iMac_G5 16 years still running strong despite being "known" as extremely unreliable 
    Plenty of old kbd and mice (back to the late 80s) still working.
    My DIY speakers (also 30 years....)
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    soundlogic got a reaction from GhostRoadieBL in Tips for my super clean desktop   
    So I found out about rainmeter after this, but I ended up fairly satisfied with this - some custom icons for the folders. Everything is named to some combinatin of ALT+255 and ALT+0160

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    soundlogic reacted to CerealExperimentsLain in Apple Is Letting Over 150 Countries Censor LGBTQ+ Content In The App Store   
    Back In My Day™ we had an Internet where any nerd could spin up a server on an old PII in their closet and post what ever they wanted on the internet.  You could host your own game servers, host your own IRC servers to chat, host your own webservers for your badly photoshopped Star Trek/X-Men fanfic series. Now we're here in the year 2021 where the internet is increasingly dominated by a small number of mega sized corporations and they control so much that the ultimately control much of the very ecosystems we use and what we can and can't do on a range of devices.  We're at the point that they can nearly erase access to anything should a nation they want to make money off of not like it.  Sure for a minority of hardcore users their are work arounds, but these workarounds are increasingly inaccessible to people on what are ubiquitous every day computing devices.
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    soundlogic reacted to wkdpaul in [CANADA] [AMAZON] EVGA 500 W1 80+ $35 CAD   
    EDIT ; as pointed out by @GoldenLag, the 450BR is also $35 CAD at memexpress and is a much better unit than this W1. Get the 450BR instead of the 500w W1 !
    The EVGA 100-W1-0500-KR 500 W1, 80+ White 500W power supply is on sale at Amazon Canada for $35, pretty good deal IMO.

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    soundlogic got a reaction from metaleggman in Tell Me Why Chapters 1-3 FREE on Steam June 1st   
    Ain't nothing but a headache
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    soundlogic got a reaction from Moonzy in Not really a build log - recycled streaming PC for mom   
    Built this out of parts I had lying around so my mom had something to watch Netflix on, as well as play a bunch of old regional VHS rips of shows and movies that are hard to find online now. 
    A B85 board and an i3 I had lying around, some green DDR3 RAM from a friend who fried the rest of his PC, a crappy Thermaltake power supply, and a 2.5" HDD that I found in a broken laptop. I found more HDDs that I might add to it later.
    Ziptied to a metal grill that I found in the same bin as the broken laptop. 
    USB hub and switches are from a front panel I found, which was no longer attached to a case.
    It didn't need to look good, and recycled parts only meant I couldn't go out and buy a case. It was going into a TV cabinet anyway.
    NOTE - the power cable has been tucked away, it was like that because I had to pull it out to check on things. There is a hole behind the PSU for the fan.

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    soundlogic got a reaction from S.Hamed23 in Do I need to keep XTU running to apply undervolt?   
    Stable at -150, tested with xtu stress test, xtu benchmark, cinebench r15, cinebench+furmark, and cyberpunk 2077.
    However, every time I restart it still loads the default profile though. Some bullshit. I have to re-enable it every time ffs.
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    soundlogic got a reaction from Dr0y in Good headphones in 2021   
    Philips SHP9500. Currently $73, don't need an amp, work flawlessly with the V-Moda BoomPro mic if you want to turn them into a headset
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    soundlogic got a reaction from Tigerleon in Good headphones in 2021   
    Those are not good at all. Logitech makes great controllers, joysticks, mice, and keyboards, but audio they do not. Those sound like headphones passed around in an airline that's about to go out of business, built into a pair of construction earmuffs the foreman gives to workers he doesn't like, and given a paint job by a toddler who plays too much fortnite. Please don't recommend these for the love of god.
    I'm kinda wary about shitting on motherboard realtek DACs - my alienware, old B85 motherboard, and newer H310 motherboard all have 'shitty' realtek HD audio, which sounds really good and clean. The one in my alienware drives my headphones better than the dedicated headphone amp inside my tascam US-1800. Not to mention, these are 32 Ohm headphones. You could drive them off an ipod shuffle.
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    soundlogic got a reaction from Tigerleon in Good headphones in 2021   
    Philips SHP9500. Currently $73, don't need an amp, work flawlessly with the V-Moda BoomPro mic if you want to turn them into a headset
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    soundlogic got a reaction from GameTec_live in New Build, Component recommendations needed   
    In confused, do you already own this laptop? Or are you really trying to build a $10,000 setup around a laptop? 
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    soundlogic reacted to imreloadin in M1 upgradable!   
    If it requires physically swapping the individual flash chips then it's not really "upgradeable".
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    soundlogic reacted to emosun in YouTube to try not publicly displaying the number of dislikes on a video   
    I could see how clicking a video and immediately looking at the like/dislike ratio to determine if you should watch it would be the actual driving force behind this.
    They can increase the amount of time people watch videos by decreasing the information they have going into them. Just get people to the first ad break before they know how much the video sucks. Thats probably their real goal here
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    soundlogic got a reaction from Stahlmann in Chocolate Chipset   
    It sounds like you're talking about a 'BIOS Update'. I'll smoke what you're smoking to translate that to 'Chocolate Chipset' lmao.
    No, updating the BIOS won't brick anything. Yes, sometimes it is necessary because BIOS updates often add support for newer CPUs released after the motherboard, when the board doesn't get a BIOS update at the factory.
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    soundlogic got a reaction from SFFDesigns in Which motherboard to buy Z490 or B550?   
    None of this makes a difference. If you're buying the Intel CPU, get the Intel motherboard. If you're buying the AMD CPU, get the AMD motherboard.
    You can't put a 10700 in a B550 or a 3700x in a z490.
  24. Informative
    soundlogic reacted to illegalwater in First professional review of Intel's Rocket Lake (11700K) is out.. and it's a disaster   
    Performance gains range from mediocre to non-existent, and in the worst cases it's actually slower than Skylake, overall it's still slower vs the 5800X despite consuming significantly more power.
    Interestingly it also has higher core-to-core latency and a worse performing L3 cache compared to Skylake.
    It's impressively bad, I'm at a loss for words.
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    soundlogic got a reaction from Bombastinator in Best gaming/school/work laptop   
    The M1 GPU is surprisingly badass, plays Witcher 3 1080p high. But you have to use crossover and it's a pain in the ass, also no drivers.
    @dollar62 check for different variants of the G15, the lower end ones will be cheaper.