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  1. $70 at best. PSU is proprietary, case will only accept half-height GPUs - might not accept even those depending on the motherboard layout. OEM i/o is limited.
  2. I believe you'll have to do it as an audio input, because adobe audition does NOT support MIDI instruments. Very few people who use MIDI instruments use Adobe Audition at all. What I would recommend doing is getting a 2nd DAW - probably a free one with MIDI support - recording your MIDI stuff there, exporting it as audio, and then importing it into Adobe Audition. That gives you the flexibility of editing notes in the 1st daw first. However if you're really confident in your playing or don't mind editing the actual audio instead of midi notes, then go ahead and use the audio input
  3. Does the issue persist with overdrive and VBR disabled?
  4. After lubing? Surprised, lubed Otemus are just lubed Cherries to me.
  5. There's a Buy Now section on the forums? And yes, it's actually a good keyboard. I have the wireless 60% version and it's solid. I rarely see them this cheap even on Aliexpress and they take an age to ship from China, this could be there in days.
  6. For anyone on a shoestring budget about to buy an awful membrane keyboard, get this instead https://www.amazon.com/PICTEK-Mechanical-Keyboard-Equivalent-Anti-Ghosting/dp/B07VNQQZFK I have the 60% version (which was twice the price lol) and it's honestly pretty solid. Otemus are Cherry clones, so they feel like Cherry switches. Decent build, has a battery-saving mode, I think this kills the case for membrane keyboard IMO, plus with Amazon it'll be there faster than AliExpress. Has RGB if you're into that.
  7. I just got a 144hz freesync monitor and wanted to use it for games while using my laptop's panel for twitch chat etc. However, I seem to only be able to get 144hz if I ONLY use the monitor and disable the laptop panel. If I use 'extend display', the monitor only displays 60hz even though it says 144hz and freesync in both the monitor settings and nvidia. How do I solve this?
  8. So I was looking for a keyboard under $50 on Amazon and found these options. PBT is nice but I'm not too fussed- probably just gonna use my old Razer keycaps TBH. $24 keyboard - blue switch, 60%. https://www.amazon.com/PICTEK-Mechanical-Rechargeable-Multi-Device-Customization/dp/B08V93YZGW/ 'Havit' 60% mechanical keyboard, red switches - $34. Reds are not my favourite switch but boy this is cheap https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Mechanical-Bluetooth-Programmable-Multi-Devices/dp/B08K2MYJBQ/ Looks like the same keyboard here but with PBT keycaps and
  9. That's $129, that's Elgato money mate. Also it's PCIe, even if I was on a desktop (i use a laptop) I wouldn't get that because I could only use it with desktops
  10. I have a Canon camcorder that I'm using as a webcam. It outputs either a 1080i or a 480p signal. Because my cheapass capture card does not support an internaced input, the camera automatically switches to 480p HDMI out and there's nothing I can do to change it. Does anyone know of a capture card that explicitly supports a 1080i input? I can run it through a deinterlacing filter on OBS, just need it to work.
  11. So I've got this cheap generic chinese capture card that I've been using with my camcorder - a Canon Vixia HF20 https://www.amazon.com/Capture-Streaming-Teaching-Conference-Broadcasting/dp/B095JL29VS/ Unfortunately, it downgrades my camera's 1080p HDMI output to 720x480. It does this even when I send it through an HDMI splitter. It actually seems to control what the camera outputs, as when I check the HDMI status in the Canon menu, it says 720x480p Nothing wrong with the camera, when I connect it to a TV, it outputs 1920x1080i . The capture card
  12. I remember hearing about these in January - Samsung making 1080p 15" OLED panels for budget-oriented laptops. However, nothing since? Or have they just quietly been on the market? https://www.notebookcheck.net/Samsung-will-release-ten-new-OLED-panels-for-laptops-this-February-including-the-first-ever-15-6-inch-1080p-version-for-budget-builds.513019.0.html https://www.anandtech.com/show/13896/samsung-unveils-15-6-inch-ultra-hd-oled-display-for-laptops
  13. When my laptop is plugged into the wall, and I put on my headphones, if I so much as touch a wall or the floor with my earphones on I get a pretty powerful, painful electric shock from the right channel of my headphones. Replace the power adapter? Open up the laptop and test the headphone jack and power jack for proper grounding? .... downgrade to plastic earphones?
  14. according to some r/headphoneadvice guys the SE215s hold up with some EQ, It's between them and the Aria right now, but I might still get the SE215s, I like the warmer sound and the comfort, and the build quality/mic beat the pants of the Chi-Fi alternatives. How woul dyou say the Aria IEMs compare?
  15. That's the 3rd recommendation I've heard for them, cheers! Would you get them over the Tin T5s? Also wondering about the Moondrop Kxxx for $160 on Massdrop, heard good things about those too.
  16. Cheers thanks. I'm really reluctant to spend more than $20 on KZs, a lot of chi-fi IEMs tend to ship with the same crappy cable, and I know they can be replaced but that 2-pin system just hasn't worked for me across all the IEMs I've owned. Worst part is the earphones would just fall off the cable, so I had to superglue them in place, defeating the purpose of a replaceable able. The Tin T5, still a maybe!
  17. My Shure Se215 earphones got stolen out of a rehearsal studio at my univrersity in 2017. I've been slumming by with (admittedly very good) $17 KZ ZSA earphones ever since. Well, now I'd like to treat myself to something nicer. I'm considering buying another set. Another set of Shure SE-215s will run me $100, but there are convincing alternatives. Tin T5 at $95 Final Audio A3000 at $100 Monoprice Quintet at $80 However, I'm still leaning towards the SE-215, mainly because I just want them back in a way, and because the mic
  18. paired with gcam the camera is actually pretty great, but yeah just bought it thanks
  19. Found a regular oneplus 8 on sale for $350. Is it a no-brainer at that price? Or should I get something like a Pixel 4a or a Nord N10 5G? 100% intend to use gcam on it, so the camera isn't a huge concern honestly.
  20. I mean I've seen the GTX 1660 G14 on sale for that much, though I don't believe it's been updated with Ryzen 5000 or RTX 3000 cards just yet. I guess I'll just stay posted about those 3050/3050 ti laptops.
  21. I've had my Alienware 13R3 for over 5 years now, and while I still love it to bits, it has its issues. It's huge, heavy, and has atrocious battery life even with a new battery. I was wondering if there's something I can side-grade to that meets the following criteria. $1000ish budget Comparable performance to what I have now. I'm running a 7700hq and a GTX 1060 6GB. Definitely don't want anything slower. At least as fast. Def needs a dGPU. I'm alright with something like a GTX 1660 ti or so, or an RTX 3050/ti if those are out yet. Thin and light pr
  22. Thanks. I was pegged at 50-60% at idle because of a Killer driver issue, but updating that, disabling NDU, and killing like 30 services (adobe, avid etc.) seemed to bring it way down. Part of me just wants to prune everything
  23. Ah okay, good to know. For some reason I thought it was kinda high because it was consistently around 1.7gb at idle on my old PC.
  24. Does this look like normal memory usage at idle to you? Just Windows appears to use 3 of my 16 gigs at idle, which is more than I expected.