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    i7 7700HQ
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    2x8GB 2667 MHz
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    GTX 1060
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    Alienware 13R3
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    512GB Toshiba NVMe SSD
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    1440p OLED display
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    Logitech MX Master
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    KZ ZSA
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    Windows 10

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  1. It's 35 cad everyone acting like this will burn your house down and then crawl out of the wreckage to hunt you down and murder your family. ... It's probably not going to do that. Yeah don't hook your RTX 3090 bitcoin farm up to it, but it has its place... I'm not going to buy a TXM gold like the elitists here would have me do to hook it up to my haswell i3 iGPU htpc lmao
  2. Yeah, so giving us a prince in USD doesn't work then. Your best bet is this Silverstone F-GS power supply, which scores well on our forum's tier list. https://www.amazon.in/SilverStone-Technology-Computer-Modular-SST-ST75F-GS-V3/dp/B07K61BFCH/
  3. Built this out of parts I had lying around so my mom had something to watch Netflix on, as well as play a bunch of old regional VHS rips of shows and movies that are hard to find online now. A B85 board and an i3 I had lying around, some green DDR3 RAM from a friend who fried the rest of his PC, a crappy Thermaltake power supply, and a 2.5" HDD that I found in a broken laptop. I found more HDDs that I might add to it later. Ziptied to a metal grill that I found in the same bin as the broken laptop. USB hub and switches are from a front panel I found, which
  4. Fuck me that's a good deal. Almost as good as when the 2TB Mushkin Pilot E was $190, which is a top-tier SSD.
  5. Stable at -150, tested with xtu stress test, xtu benchmark, cinebench r15, cinebench+furmark, and cyberpunk 2077. However, every time I restart it still loads the default profile though. Some bullshit. I have to re-enable it every time ffs.
  6. So I can close it out and the undervolt sticks? Cause I relaunched it today after applying the undervolt in august and it was throttling again, I had to go and redo everything
  7. My 7700HQ throttles like mad. Opened XTU, applied -150 undervolt, works flawlessly now boosting to its rated 3.8 singe core and 3.4 all cores. Do I need to keep XTU running to keep the undervolt applied? Or can I close it, and not worry about losing the undervolt if I restart etc?
  8. I hate geforce experience and like installing drivers manually, but the driver for my 1060 is taking absolutely forever to download, flips between 5 and 9 hours remaining with an abysmal 60 KB/s average speed. Any mirrors I can use to download them faster?
  9. more than enough, as long as it's a good 650w power supply. A crappy one I wouldn't trust.
  10. Just pulled off another absurd laptop repair job. The 'i' key on my alienware snapped its dome, sinking the key. I had an old broken laptop lying around, so I melted off the silicon cap and replaced it with superglue. Not quite brand new condition but I can't really tell most of the time.

  11. Those are not good at all. Logitech makes great controllers, joysticks, mice, and keyboards, but audio they do not. Those sound like headphones passed around in an airline that's about to go out of business, built into a pair of construction earmuffs the foreman gives to workers he doesn't like, and given a paint job by a toddler who plays too much fortnite. Please don't recommend these for the love of god. I'm kinda wary about shitting on motherboard realtek DACs - my alienware, old B85 motherboard, and newer H310 motherboard all have 'shitty' realtek HD audio, which sounds rea
  12. I'm kind of looking for that sweet plug and play compatibility though