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    i7 7700HQ
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    2x8GB 2667 MHz
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    GTX 1060
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    Alienware 13R3
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    512GB Toshiba NVMe SSD
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  1. You don't need an 850w a-tier power supply for a 170w office PC. The RAM isn't gonna run at 4400mhz even if it's rated at that because the motherboard/CPU don't support frequencies above 3200mhz, and the 970 EVO is overkill IMO. The 11400 also comes with a stock cooler that should handle it just fine with the loads you're describing. Hell, I'd even get an i3 at this point with those workloads in mind. PCPartPicker Part List CPU: Intel Core i3-10100 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor ($153.94 @ Amazon) Motherboard: MSI B560M-A PRO Micro ATX LGA1200 Motherboard ($92.00 @
  2. I think it just comes down to the fact that you can group all past games together but you tend to look at recent games year-by-year. I only started really playing video games in 2009 but between then and now I've played a lot of older titles, and usually got into 2 games from each year pretty consistently. So yeah, if you look at all past games compared to 'current' games, of course you'll find more innovative titles - there are just more titles overall. Go year by year and you'll see something different. At least I did idk. And even if you're as fussy as me, the last 4 year
  3. Yeah but it's better than the alternative (nothing), and a lot of stuff could probably be tweaked to run okay
  4. So a friend of mine inherited a samsung All-in-one with an i5 3470T and a Radeon HD 7690M. Pretty old but it could be worse, but as far as I know that's a TeraScale 2 GPU and they don't support DirectX 12 at all. What games are DirectX 12 exclusive, with no DX11 support, that she won't be able to run?
  5. Nothing over 75w IMO, because you're going to be limited to the 75w you can get from the PCIe slot. The fastest graphics card you can get at 75w or under is a GTX 1650. Some board partners make a low profile version. Zotac and Gigabyte actually make low profile GTX 1650 cards that have two fans and 3 ports (DVI+HDMI+DP), which is pretty cool.
  6. Anything older. Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2, Portal 1 and 2, Half Life, OG Halo 1, Morrowind. Even Oblivion clocks in at 4.6GB with all the DLC.
  7. Just a thought experiment - curious about the most efficient smartphone components, to theoretically get the most time per mAh if they all existed in a single phone. Does anyone know what they are? Not necessarily modern, anything in the last ten years or so.
  8. I would pay this game's asking price just to have it wiped from my memory
  9. If you want the best sounding studio headphones in the world, it's not the 9500. But you're not going to do much better for the price.
  10. They're easier to drive, you could probably get away with plugging them into the onboard audio, and won't need a headphone amp. They also pair with the V-Moda BoomPro as if they were designed to - IMO the combination of the 9500 and the BoomPro is the best headset out there.
  11. Your power supply is more than enough.
  12. Just post your quick questions in the relevant subforum like everyone else does?
  13. I mean if nothing else, it's a 1060 laptop with near-desktop performance in this current market and in mint condition... Could probably get a grand for it. But I'm going to hang on to it till at least mid-2022... if not till 2025 lol
  14. Honestly just speculating RN, I'm probably just going to stick with my 13R3 till it dies... Thanks for your time though, and thanks again for showing me stuff in GW2 earlier this year (last year?)