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  1. About to be tax return season looking to upgrade my GPU. I have a freesync 144hz monitor and a 4GB Reference RX480 and id like more frames. My monitor is on the g sync list and I'm kind of leaning towards a card on team green. I just find it so confusing, The 1660 1660TI and 2060 are fairly close in price, I am in Canada and the cheapest 2060 is around $410 and some 1660s are $360-380. I am noticing most of the nvidia cards are 1 year old now, should I be waiting for the next gen or is it safe to buy now. I don't mind a card from team red but I only have a single 8pin connector on my PSU
  2. I don't really care, tbh, if It was onsale when I got it I would have just got a nice case for it. if anything I thought it would go up in price after a LTT video
  3. Overwatch isn't uber demanding, Don't need a 1070 for that Would help if you included the resulution of your current monitor or the one you plan to buy
  4. Replace the 1070 to something more reasonable, like a 1060 and get a cheaper PSU (500W-600w will be more than fine) You could easily drop like $30-40 on lower clocked ram, and or get 8gb for around $80
  5. He doesn't need a 1070 to play LFD2 and skyrim, Unless hes playing at like 8k or something
  6. All of those games are non-current and not demanding, You could get away with anything If you want to do it cheap, I think a Ryzen 5 1600 (6 core for your adobe work) 8-16GB of ram (insert random mobo) and a GTX 1060 or 1050ti would do the trick, and could play much more demanding games and an SSD for boot drive and to install your adobe programs on Just my opinion though
  7. I smoke alot of weed and only watch tech/pc videos around when I upgrade or build a new system, Not interested in crypto. Don't watch videos constantly
  8. I was considering buying another one for crossfire, But these cards are DOUBLE the price I paid for them just a few month ago, Is there anyways to get them for cheaper? I paid $232.77 Canadian Dollar with tax and shipping for an RX 480 just a few months ago
  9. I bought the 880k just before that intel 2 core 4 thread pentium ( I forget the number ) came out and handed its ass to it
  10. Do you have intigrated graphics? it will take away from system ram and not include it in task manager
  11. How about something like Ryzen 3 or an i3, 120GB SSD, 2TB HDD, EVGA 430W PSU and some cheapo generic sauce case
  12. Yesterday I was so hyped (I got paid yesterday last paycheck from summer job yeet) I waited outside a computer store until it opened. It opened up I asked for a Ryzen 5 1400, and whatever board they recommended (Ended up being overkill but looks bad ass AF) and some Corsair LPX ram I installed that bad boy into my case attached my GPU, SSD, HDD all that jazz fired it up installed windows launched windows and... crash relaunched worked for 5 minutes... crash repeat like 50x times I saw online "Update bios" same shit.exe I saw "Updat
  13. Yeah I decided just to back up, I live in Canada and internet is super slow, so I am saving a 950gb steam folder to an external drive so I don't have to download again