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  1. Classic upgrade for a laptop with an existing HDD: keep the old HDD for storage and install a new SSD for the OS and Programs. QUESTION: Is it best to: 1) Move the old HDD for use as storage to the old optical drive bay using a drive caddy, with the new SSD installed in the internal tray with the OS & Programs loaded on to it, OR; 2) Just stick the new SSD into the drive caddy in the optical drive bay and leave the HDD in the internal tray? ALLEGED REASONS FOR # 1: a) The internal tray is shock mounted so best to keep the mechanical HDD drive there. It wou
  2. Well, I obviously am the type not to chuck something until it is TOTALLY obsolete. Thoughts / links on how to upgrade the OS on a Samsung Galaxy Ace II X running Ice Cream Sandwich to whichever version is the latest that such a phone can handle. I'm looking for a site similar to this: http://androidmagnet.com/ (But that one does not support the old Ace II X). I am open to other suggestions, save for buying a NEW PHONE!!!!! Thank you for not laughing - JT
  3. I give - all those LTT e-mails - I don't want 'em - so at the bottom of said e-mails is the statement " Prefer to stop receiving these emails? Adjust your digest preferences. " Where oh where the F does one adjust one's Digest Preferences?? No intestinal puns desired. I just give on this one. Uggghhhh. (Tip for LTT: you CAN use an "Unsubscribe" link . . . . really . . . don't be afraid . . . just go ahead and give it a try)
  4. Crap, I forgot to post this in Audio - sorry.
  5. Scenario: A person wants to simultaneously listen to a speech audio file, repeat what he or she hears aloud into a microphone, and have that input go to an AI speech-to-text program such as Dragon. Q – Is this easily achievable by simply using a headset (headphones and mic together) in the same I/O? After all, with a headset for gaming, or Skype for that matter, there is audio output and input simultaneously. Or, is this more complicated? Would one have to have a set-up such as the following: - - A separate audio output to headphones only, and; -
  6. Title says it all - here's the link: http://www.windowscentral.com/windows10-anniversary-update-common-problems-how-fix JT
  7. Title is self-explanatory - good article from one bloke: http://www.infoworld.com/article/3104389/microsoft-windows/the-case-against-windows-10-anniversary-update-grows.html JT
  8. Just for the fun of it, If you missed it when it aired on BBC, you can catch it now until July 9 on ABC (Aussie Broadcast Corp.) - Rise of The Superstar Vloggers. Description: With YouTube over ten years old, vloggers now sell out stadiums and have fan bases boy bands would kill for. Jim Chapman, himself a superstar vlogger takes us behind the scenes of the biggest vloggers on the planet. http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/rise-of-the-superstar-vloggers/ZW0786A001S00 I never said anything about TunnelBear. Cheers
  9. Some times the obvious needs to be stated: such as how to "Adjust your digest preferences." This is in the context of the daily LTT DIgest E-mails. At the bottom, rather than an "Unsubscribe" link (er, um, why is that NOT there), there is the text " Prefer to stop receiving these emails? Adjust your digest preferences" with the last part being a hyperlink to the login page. After logging in, where oh where is the area for Digest Preferences ???????????????? I've got Username >Account Settings >Notification Settings, and then on that page, "Send me new
  10. Newbie here looking for an alternative to TunnelBear that is just as easy to use. Prob with TunnelBear and new F1 U.K. broadcaster Channel4.com is that they are successfully blocking non-U.K. viewing. Ouch!!! A template for a VPN on how to lose your subscribers!!!!! Any F1 / tech fanatics out there having success with any other VPN that is easy for a newbie to use?? (I mean, yes, OK, so far as there has only been Aussie Quali to watch thus far, but OMG tomorrow is the inaugural 2016 race). Please gawd give me Channel 4 F1 access on the net, and I will never google "free
  11. Tried to come up with a humourous intro for such a dry subject . . . um, nada's coming to mind. Give a shout out - short if it's software suite, or, long if it's a series of multiple steps - as to how the highly experience and knowledgeable keep their systems running as smooth and efficent as possible, software wise. Had Iolo System Mechanic Professional running for years on an old school Gateway and worked better than a charm - superb. Now a new Dell, and, gulp, some of the reviews I have come across for that suite have put me off. Solution: leave out a maintenance suite and follow tr
  12. Apparently Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear (formerly) may be onto something regarding autonomous vehilces potentially killing humans; (Series 22, Ep. 6, 11 minute mark). Robot kills worker at Volkswagen plant in Germany - Source: The Guardian In the robot's defence, it may have been dreaming of electric sheep. JT