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    México... (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) OOOOH YEEEAAAAH
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    Gigabyte z97n gamming 5
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    8gb @1866
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    Asus STRIX 970 OC
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    Hp case xD
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    1TB HDD 128GB SSD
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    EVGA 600b psu
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    Kraken x40
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    Win 8.1

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  1. Its so beautiful and small!! i really could use it to play with some friends
  2. I never felt so worry for the future of my childs before. Fk this planet, i´m going to mars, Matt Damon wait for me! i make you some company
  3. Pc Name: Carolina CPU: I7-4790K @4.4Ghz GPU: Asus STRIX 970 OC (1295Mhz) RAM: 8Gb 2x4 A-Data @1866Mhz
  4. dont have a rear one right? if you only want one put it on the back, if you can buy 2 then one on the top and one on the rear
  5. it is a good advice, rlly, if money isnt an issue go with as many fans your case can hold
  6. if money isnt an issue go for 50 fans, you cant have enough
  7. thank you for your suggestions. Yeah, i already plug it like an external drive and i think i got all the files i need, but its to much effort just to make sure. I was hoping there were an easy way.
  8. So i sold my old computer to an uncle but i keept the HDD to see if there were some photos, music or videos i want to keep on the new pc, but i want to log into that HDD windows, when i try it the windows logo appears but then a blue screen of dead appears and the PC reboots for an endless loop. Is there a way to access that windows without the MOBO where it was installed?
  9. i dont know what "committed" its about, but i have 8gb of ram and apears 10.9gb committed, so maybe its something else. now, about the 10-12 gb used on idle, maybe one program dont stop using the ram even when its close, some alpha o beta games do this, try and seek that progam on the resource monitor
  10. i want the spectrum mouse because the antimicrobial finish sound great for my ocd for clean stuff
  11. I cant see the video and now i dont know if ACER CAN MAKE A GOOD PC T.T The suspense is killing me T.T
  12. i have 1 year on Asus, but it is asus Mexico, idk if it is 1 year on USA too
  13. yeah, the leap is comming because of VR, AMD and Nvidia are working on GPUs more powerful to support VR more easier, i guess devs are working on normal games too
  14. i knew that too, i dont know how that can be compare to SC, but im going to assume that 4.4 and 4.9 makes no difference on one game and it wouldnt be different on SC i guess