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    Trebblebob got a reaction from Drama Lama in Mac Keyboards   
    I encourage you to have a look at Keychron.
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from Zenith Lal in I am looking forward on earning Income through Freelancing...Can anyone help me with adequate knowldge?   
    JavaScript is probably the better choice for freelancing as the versatility of the language causes it to have a larger pool of available jobs. Although you should definitely try to learn both.
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    Trebblebob reacted to Drama Lama in Is the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014 edition worth it for 20euro?   
    I won't say it's the best but you'll probably have most success finding something using Ebay.de
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from Sima01 in Should i buy NVIDIA Quadro FX5800 DDR3 Video Graphics Card 4GB PCI-E Displayport Dual DVI to replace for me amd rx 570   
    Please do not use UserBenchmark.  It's highly untrustworthy.
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from Sakuriru in How does GitHub work?   
    First to understand what GitHub is, you first need to know what Git is.  Git is a version control system which tracks changes to your code.  It primarily operates on the command line but GUI interfaces (such as GitHub Desktop) exist to help you use it.  Git website
    Git works by monitoring a folder which is known as a "repository".  It will track all current lines of code contained within that folder and compare any changes you have made to them.  When you have made a change, you can then "commit" those changes to the repository and that change can be accessible at anytime in the future.
    One of the biggest appeals of Git is collaboration.  This is achieved through something known as "branches" where two programmers can take their own copy of a repository and work on it themselves without interfering with each other.  The commits (changes) to those repository copies are then "merged" together when ready.  However, it is important to note where this "repository" is hosted and that is where GitHub comes in.
    GitHub is a Git repository hosting platform which makes it easy to manage Git projects which have lots of collaborators.  It provides an interface which simplifies Git operations and has a bunch of other cool project management tools on top of that.
    GitHub has loads of documentation available to help you which is available here: https://docs.github.com/.  There is also a guides section which will walk you through typical tasks perform on GitHub: https://guides.github.com/.
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    Trebblebob reacted to xReqt in Is this windows selling sight trustworthy?   
    @ExtraOBO £69.99 for windows 10 home...  you can get a key off of G2A for under 20 pound and just get the download and put it on a usb to install it (use the product key given on G2A) atleast that's what ive been told to do in the past.
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from DanMcCarthy in How to add HTML data to image?   
    You've got it the wrong way around, they're just serving a normal page with an image on it.  "/9e3a0083a37d03274c0f733fbcf389ba/tenor.gif" are just route parameters which are being added to an <img> element:

    I'm guessing media1.tenor.com points to an NGINX server which only serves static content.
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    Trebblebob reacted to jaslion in Full size precise right handed mouse   
    I upgraded from that one to a Logitech MX master 2. it's taller and feels nicer in the hand.
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from tikker in Python Error ( bc of funtions )   
    locations = pickle.load(fh) This line is producing an EOFError.  Use a debugger and it'll show you this.
    You can fix this by setting: locations = apps as its loading the same data
    Going to be honest here, your Execute() function is a bit of a shit show.  Why can't you implement it like this?
    def Execute(action, app): action = action.lower() if action == "close": CloseApp(app) elif action == "open": OpenApp(app) elif action == "regist": GetAppsAndLocations(apps, locations)  
    Also, the startfile() function is undefined.
    It seems like the Synchronise() function should be called outside of the while (True) loop as all it seems to do is reload old information that you want to overwrite/append to.
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from sub68 in What mic should i get?   
    Don’t get a Yeti.  Get an AT2020 or if you have the extra money get an AT2035.
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from Rheostat. in C programming help   
    #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { int numbers[5]; int i; for(i = 0; i <= 4; i++) { printf("Enter number: "); scanf("%d", &numbers[i]); } for(i = 0; i <= 4; i++) { printf("%d\n", numbers[i]); if (numbers[i] == 0) break; // add this line } return(0); }  
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from steve55 in Huntsman TE or Xtrfy K4 or Ducky one 2 mini or Hyperx alloy fps pro ?   
    Don't think a keyboard will make you better at games because it won't.  Of the 4 you've listed I'd buy the Ducky, very reputable with good build quality for the price.  I'd also consider an Anne Pro.  Similar quality at a cheaper price with better switches.
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from Oswin in Cooler Master MM710 or Razer Viper?   
    Both are very solid mice and the choice pretty much boils down to whichever one will feel more comfortable for you to use.  The holes bothering you is likely to be a subjective thing, the holes on my Glorious Model O don't bother me at all.  RocketJumpNinja is a mouse fanatic and he has made a guide on how to pick the right mouse. 
  14. Informative
    Trebblebob got a reaction from JamesHewitt in Keyboard switches   
    Zealios V2s are a very solid switches and they're much nicer than MX Reds or Razer Yellows you've had in the K70/Blackwidow.
    Some switches, such as MX Silent Reds, have sound dampening built into them.
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    Trebblebob reacted to rapidkillerx in Need help Deciding a keyboard from Corsair.   
    what the hell are you talking about
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from Dr0y in cheap mech keyboard   
    In terms of quality and price, either Logitech or HyperX are probably your best options but they might be out of stock and stretch your budget a bit.  Redragon are probably the only cheaper options that are actually worthwhile, but as already mentioned, it might be a bit difficult to find one of their boards with Reds or Browns.
  17. Informative
    Trebblebob got a reaction from frozensun in what switches does this keyboard have,cherry MX red switches opinions?   
    Linear means that when you press down the key, it's completely smooth all the way to the bottom.  There is not "bump" when the key activates.  MX Reds are often compared to membrane boards but just less mushy.
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from Konrad_K in what switches does this keyboard have,cherry MX red switches opinions?   
    A keyboard is not going to make you better at gaming.  99.99% of the time, the deciding factor in a game is entirely up to your mouse control.  The only benefit of "gaming" keyboards is their programmability but most of this can be fixed by configurable macro software.
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from Master Disaster in Help!! CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT on NEW Build PC   
    Have you overclocked?  Your voltage might be a little low.
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from nox_ in Corsair K70 Lux Keycaps Breaking   
    Corsair offer a PBT set of keycaps, they're more expensive than ABS but they're much more durable and nicer to type on.
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from kirashi in Looking for a gaming keyboard under £25   
    Yeh, you're not going to get anything in that price range.  Save up for a Redragon or Velocifire (if you can find one in stock), they usually go for around 35 - 50
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from geo3 in New Chair   
    I unfortunately can't afford an Aeron but I have sat in one and it's by far the most comfortable chair I've ever used, @geo3 and a few others would probably agree.
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from nox_ in Best way to hide keyboard and mouse wires?   
    Either go wireless or drill a hole in the desk.  There is literally nothing else you can do
  24. Informative
    Trebblebob got a reaction from Hip in Why is there a margin?   
    There is padding on the body which is built into the browser to make sites without CSS look nicer.  It's a good idea to start your CSS with this:
    * { margin: 0; padding: 0; } It removes all margins and padding which you should then define yourself.  You absolutely should still learn CSS but I recommend using a framework like Bootstrap (but there are plenty other options) which does most of the hard work for you.
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    Trebblebob got a reaction from NotABigGamer in redragon m602 griffin software   
    https://redragonshop.com/pages/software  ??