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  1. Update 2: I have a second PC that is identical, built both myself for work PCs. Tried the Fosi DAC on it and it works. Will try reinstalling Windows if I don't get any replies
  2. Update: Tried plugging the same Fosi DAC into my laptop and it works. Then I tried a Pyle mixer on the problem PC and it works fine. Something to do with the Fosi DAC and my PC
  3. I purchased the Fosi Audio DAC-Q4 and have it plugged in via USB type B. When I turn the volume knob up which turns it on, I get the typical Windows sound that you plugged something in, and then BSOD. DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION. Here are the drivers listed in Device Manager under Sound: AMD High Definition Audio Device HD Pro Webcam C920 Realtek(R) Audio Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer I tried uninstalling the Sonic Studio driver, but it comes back right away. Any ideas?
  4. Maybe there is a twitter filter, if a user tweets "restocked" i get an email?
  5. I have two 34 inch monitors so I'm able to have twitter always open. I have it set to "Latest Tweets show up as they happen", but they still don't show until the Twitter window is active. This has costed me to miss out on the Teslaquila drop twice, does anyone know of a work around
  6. I don't want to jinx myself, but it was the RAM. I swapped the RAM with my other PC, and BSOD instantly. Tested 1 stick at a time and found the faulty one. Going to order more. Thank you for your help!
  7. So you think its hardware, either RAM or M.2 that is faulty? I updated a bunch of drivers, and have been good for a bit. If it happens again, I can swap my RAM with my other computer. I built 2 identical systems, so RAM is easiest swap. *Edit: Add another to the list "IRQL_not_less_or_equal". Also, I've noticed signing into Windows and other things like opening Task Manager take longer than usual now. I will try the RAM swap now.
  8. I reseated the M.2, and removed the GPU. I just got these 2 BSODs back to back...
  9. Just got another BSOD and before it crashed I saw something along the lines of VIDEO MEMORY MANAGEMENT. Going to take out my gpu if reseating the m.2 doesnt work
  10. My work PC is custom built, no issues till this morning. I woke my PC from sleep and instantly got hit with BSOD with Memory Management code. I shrug it off, reboot and keep going. After 15 mins I get a second, this time SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. I googled it, tried a few things from this site: Driver Verifier Tool, CHKDSK, and sfc /scannow. I also updated Windows to 20H2, and reseated my memory. Didn't help, and now when I get BSOD, it crashes so fast I can't even see what error code it is. I luckly was recording the screen with my phone, and again it was SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION.
  11. I have the DEEPCOOL Castle 240EX AIO and it's white LEDs are so far from my other RGB stuff. Does anyone know of an AIO With better white LEDs?
  12. Recently I updated my Nvidia drivers, and since this has happened 3 times. My monitors turn a random color, and my computer locks up. After 10 mins of waiting, it goes back to normal. My Windows Night Light turns off, and usually my windows go weird. Here is an example of the Battle.net launcher: I have already tried reinstalling the graphics driver via Geforce Experience, a clean install. Also, downloading it from Nvidia's website. Made sure W