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  1. Do any of you know a good hard drive, I assumed the one I had lying on the side would be fine for my build; but it was IDE and now I only have an SSD. lol. On that same topic I built my first pc, and nearly shorted it out from having standoffs in the wrong place...


    I wonder how long I'll be back on this forum for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. 11 minutes ago, That_Random_Guy said:

    tried it. gonna fiddle with the png concept a bit more, the transparency is working the png doesnt have the animation. its just one frame with the transparent background

    Sorry, I don't really know that much about animation in  Photoshop.

  3. 5 minutes ago, That_Random_Guy said:

    Ok so now i'm stuck. got the background and everything removed on all the layers but now im stuck with how do i export it with a transparent background... 
    If i export it with transparency enabled all the layers overlap until the gif finishes out, meaning it starts correctly but as it moves to the next frame the last frame is left visible behind it

    If transparency is off everything works fine and exports and looks good but i need the transparency to work since i want to use it as a profile pic hopefully or maybe profile image.. help me plz...


    Heres my export settings. using export to web tab

      Reveal hidden contents



    Try exporting as a PNG. Supports transparency and animation. Apart from that got no clue.

  4. Care to share what happen? :)

    Sure, I bought coins for the game fifa on an account and then when I went on the account it was as if there it was a brand new account. It was a reputable site so I don't want to have to bring it through paypal but I'm afraid i might have to as the people I'm talking to have no understanding of what happened. Edit: nvm got the coins it happens when you threaten a company who's only livelihood is through paypal with a chargeback

  5. yeye no spoilerino [emoji14] i wanted to read the manga but then there would be no surprise and in this type of anime no surprise would kinda suck. so im just gona watch the anime only

    You'll be kicking yourself when you find out in the next two episodes. I believe the anime continues on from the manga but the most recent volume hasnt been scantalated so I'm not really sure
  6. How do you guys like this season's anime?

    well out of this season's anime that I personally watched here are the ones I dropped and the ones I will keep watching:

    Prince of Stride Alternative - will most likely drop, the races are cool I guess but everything in between them is just sooo boooring

    Musaigen no Phantom World - dropped, plot = boobs and fanservice

    Boku dake ga Inai Machi - watching - interesting,unique, prob my favorite anime this season

    Shoujou-Tachi wa Kouya wo Mesazu - dropped - shitty Saekano-wanabe is how I see it

    Norn 9 - dropped - boring, no plot development, just a waste of time

    Dimension W - watching - pretty cool, i really like the opening as well and find the MC to be pretty cool too. more of an action anime nothing to deep in the plot as far as I know, a bounty hunter theme

    Nijiro Days - watching - pretty good if you like romance anime from the perspective of the guys and it's pretty funny as well, only 13 min episodes though :(

    Sekko Boys - watching - just watch it, words can't explain [emoji14]

    Dagashi Kashi - dropped - not into it :/ I can see how people might find it funny but I'm just not liking it just not my thing I guess, too kiddish maybe(something similar that I felt with AssClass I guess)

    Trying to go through the monogatari series mainly atm, gona be moving to Monogatari 2nd season tomorrow, liking the series so far.

    After reading the manga I hate myself for knowing who the killer is because its so obvious with the eyes... (I will never spoil anything)