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  1. Has anyone picked up NMS yet on preorder looks good but no way am I paying full price for a console port that could be Arkham Knight 2.0
  2. Upgrading to Zen is all you need that gpu will last another year or two.
  3. Do any of you know a good hard drive, I assumed the one I had lying on the side would be fine for my build; but it was IDE and now I only have an SSD. lol. On that same topic I built my first pc, and nearly shorted it out from having standoffs in the wrong place... I wonder how long I'll be back on this forum for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. I don't watch fairy tail, I was quoting somebody else.
  5. I got a notification asking if I wanted notifications pushed and said yes, because Tapatalk is useless however I cannot seem to make it work. It might just not be a supported feature yet.
  6. Missed the opportunity earlier but... @Crowes
  7. Sorry, I don't really know that much about animation in Photoshop.
  8. Nvm notifications still don't work... Anyone got them to push through chrome? Probably not, I'll give it time.
  9. Try exporting as a PNG. Supports transparency and animation. Apart from that got no clue.
  10. Hahahhaahahahaha these new notifications, 'so and so agrees with your post' my notifications are going to be abused...
  11. Just logged back onto the website, looks like I'll finally be able to get notifications through phone. Will probably be more active now. I think lol.
  12. I'm trans I feel like the amount of subforums I'm on is so small I might as well add one.
  13. Sure, I bought coins for the game fifa on an account and then when I went on the account it was as if there it was a brand new account. It was a reputable site so I don't want to have to bring it through paypal but I'm afraid i might have to as the people I'm talking to have no understanding of what happened. Edit: nvm got the coins it happens when you threaten a company who's only livelihood is through paypal with a chargeback
  14. Got scammed out of £10, the money doesn't even annoy me as it was on paypal and I'll probably get it back at some point but just how stupid I was. gonna cool off a bit.
  15. Erased has got me into Asian Kung-Fu generation, I don't even like most rock but they are really good.
  16. You'll be kicking yourself when you find out in the next two episodes. I believe the anime continues on from the manga but the most recent volume hasnt been scantalated so I'm not really sure
  17. After reading the manga I hate myself for knowing who the killer is because its so obvious with the eyes... (I will never spoil anything)
  18. Only on first episode but erased is amazingly captivating. Worth a watch
  19. yeah, it would be more for like school and in a gun protection shell for passive noise cancellation.
  20. Might make some headphones. Drivers are pretty cheap on aliexpress and doesn't seem to be too much soldering. I think CIEM's are more practical though.
  21. never thought i'd kind of enjoy this song... Also, am I the only one who hates jinx's guts. He literally just steals content.
  22. lol, i caught that. might not even bother as i don't have a legit reason. edit: oops, been off for awhile so forgot about double-posting sorry.