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  1. Ah Lian Li, always making those niche cases I don't care about :')
  2. I hope I live to see the day when AMD is competitive with Intel.
  3. Well in my area it's pretty greasy and the leg piece tastes like it has a lot of blood in it and the thigh always seems to be undercooked so I don't really like KFC.
  4. I use Windows 10 and I've not encountered this issue (thankfully).
  5. Why not buy a "GTX 1080"? It'll become the choice once 4K goes mainstream. Honestly, just buy 1440p right now and wait when 4K comes to the LG G5.
  6. I have lost all trust in Asus if that statement is true.
  7. You can browse with the internet while gaming and not get stutters.
  8. It should suffice otherwise I don't know any reason Intel would include it in the box, it might be a little noisy but you should actually hear that yourself and then consider buying a after market cooler.
  9. Unfortunately not but you can buy better or cheaper cables from other sellers like Lutroo Customs.
  10. You can buy sleeved extensions which are cheaper if you have enough space to put the extra bulk of cables.
  11. They're expensive and you have to make them yourself but you can get premade from Cablemod and other such online stores.