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  1. Sometimes I feel this forum isn't even related to Linus at all... People in this thread say the want smaller then that, but can't give a good reason why.
  2. It's cheap right? A smartphone that costs more then most cars in this country.
  3. Only way they can get some marketshare back is reduce the prices again...AMD just has some of those weird problems... Why can a 950 do 8K DSR and have HDMI 2.0 but a Fury X only does 3200x1800 VSR and HDMI 1.4? Makes no sense.
  4. Yeah... do you think you are going to put a usb stick with a firmware update in your 10 year old blu-ray player and it magically plays 4K Blu-rays. They ofcourse want us to spend money again. While physical media is already dead. As for GPU I have no idea...
  5. Yes, Broadwell-E for X99 platforms. Please... pretty please Intel.... can I haz octacore for 500$? One 6 core, one 8 core and one 10 core hopefully
  6. I don't understand people that buy 960 and 970 instead of 380 and 390's. But then again I don't understand why people buy Fury X instead of 980Ti. Guess this market is a lot of Nvidia fanboys and a couple AMD fanboys but those are much more hardcore. No more room for the neutral enthusiast like me
  7. I think what you mean is that 4K 60hz can be done on 4:2:2 compression via drivers, yes Nvidia did that for older cards without HDMI 2.0
  8. AMD needs a new CEO to survive, maybe they need to be bought by glorious Samsung!
  9. Two 980Ti's get high 20's at 8K, so two Pascal cards can atleast do 40. If you disable Hairworks and maybe some shadows and foliage you get locked 60FPS at 8K.
  10. I feel bad for you because I game on the world fastest monitor and one one of those so called "slow TV's" you name without a problem. Except the difference from 144hz to 60hz which is huge, but then again I only play games that don't need more then 60hz like Witcher 3 on my TV.
  11. So then who is the Nano for? All reviews seem to have a problem answering that question so far. "I don't care about performance, I care about the size. But I don't want a 970 mini even when it's less then half the price. Derrrppppppppp
  12. That's why I got a 980Ti, lmao. Pascal is designed and marketed at 8K gaming, HBM is useless at 4K. Still don't understand why AMD went full retard on this card, never go full retard again AMD. Wonder what they do next year....
  13. Cheaper? How freaking cheaper do you want to get? This is cheaper then 1080P TV's lol.