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  1. My first "real gaming rig" was about 10 years ago. it had: i7 930 8gb ram gtx 240 lga 1366 x58a ud3r Since then i've upgraded it serval times, but the latest upgrade was 2 years ago, and about 6 monthes ago I've given it a way. The latest upgrades were: 8gb > 24gb ram gtx 240 > gtx970mini case (random) to 570x by corsair. If anyone wants me to upload photos let me know ?
  2. Ok Thank you so much for your help man, you were very helpful!
  3. Oh wow CE!! I l loved this one combined with GGK! Thanks, I will try that! Btw, Would Firebug help here? or I must 'hack' it?
  4. Foreign site, so I'm not sure it's too relevant Any way, if it's not well developed, what should I look for?
  5. Hi guys So there's this site dating site which let's you send messges to women, but only if you answer some random questions really fast. The problem's that they're too fast and pretty long so it's not so easy to pass it... SO, i wanted to know how can I by pass timer, so I'll have more time to read / answer (or even cheat a little bit, I won't lie! ;P) Or even cheat some how so the answer would be always true? Is there some way to it? If I can't do it in firefox, can I do it in any other browser? Thanks!
  6. Could be that Could be that. Thanks man!
  7. "The physical drives comprising array <2ARRAY> have changed resulting in insufficient space for the existing logical drives. " I can't understand what does it mean... " insufficient space for the existing logical drives" - what does it mean?
  8. Yep, it does suck! I'm right now living in Africa, so even if there's ethernet, it's extremely slow! and I would not pay 200$ a month for 30mb of speed! haha I'll try tunnelbear tommrow, And about Hotspotshield, I'm pretty sure my anti virus blocked it once a year a go for adwear, but I'll try it again... "Desperate times call for desperate measures" Thank you for suggesting Hotspotshield as well!
  9. Nope. They're doing it so everyone who are using they're service would have a "faster" surfing. They've said they're blocked it, so.... I'm trying to bypass it!
  10. Hi guys So I've moved to other ISP since it's much cheaper (by about 50$!!! a month, I'm not from America) And I've came to a problem... I can't upload videos to YouTube, probably port blocked. I can upload videos to Facebook, so it's just a problem with YouTube. Is there any other ways that I can upload to YouTube? I can use my phone's internet (hot spot) but 1GB videos would eat up my whole plane pretty fast. - -I know that there was an option as uploading videos via email, but it's seems that I can't find it. - -I've tried YouTube's help - using 'hidden' uploading way, but that d
  11. Hey man, I just wanted to let you know I've manged to install the Freenas! All I had to do is: 1. Disable the raid controller from the bios 2. Add and internal hdd (From the sata of the mother board, diffrent than the rest of the hotswaps 3. Install the FreeNas on the Internal sata 4. enable the the raid controller and configure it 5. Done! Thank you so much for trying to help me man!
  12. Sure. This is Dell server, PowerEdge 2950. Not sure about the CPU model, but that's xeon. Got 4GB of ram, Perci 5/i controller I don't know how to disable the raidcontroller, I just know how to disable the whole raid.
  13. So nice to know that, Thank you for your explianition. I've tried to do what you told me, boot from the cd and installing without any raid on, And now it's not recognize any hdds. I went thru the FreeNas forums, and some people suggested that there are problems with dell servers, so i might try Installing Nas4Free. as you can see here: https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/installed-with-dvd-cant-see-harddrive.23461/ Any other tips that you can give me? maybe other OSs that I should try? Thank you so much, again, for your help.