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  1. I found the sf600 gold on amazon for like 110, I might do that one
  2. Needs to be atleast 450 watts, and fully modular, cheaper the better.
  3. right freaked me out, I have finals and this would have f*ed me cause two monitors are way more efficient than one. Thank you!
  4. I unplugged the gpu for a second time completely and plugged it back it.. working now... it was never warm, I gamed for like 30min today and it didn't get that hot at all, I just find this really weird and hope it doesn't happen again lol
  5. GPU is powered on based on the fan connector.
  6. I was using my PC for hrs today with hw and web-browsing then went to store, PC fell asleep and now GPU won't give signal, PC powers on and the MOBO shows the all okay code. but won't display on either monitor, so I changed the output to the mobo and now it works.. but still not when monitors are plugged into GPU, why could this be? was working fine for years and then all of a sudden no. GPU is liquid cooled so I don't know if it is even on. Anything I should try? Precision X does not detect the GPU.
  7. just need it for web browsing and netflix. simple, thank you.
  8. i am I just realized I can get atleast 150 for my 8400 so for 100 thats worth the upgrade
  9. I have the opportunity to buy an i7 8086k for 250 bux. brand new sealed in box. I have an i5 8400 but feel like I cant let this deal go, should i get it?
  10. fixed it, they had no idea what they were doing. was simple.
  11. Okay so now I have the whole story, they said they hooked it up a week ago and it was working really good, but now it hardly works. they cant even turn on their desktop computer out there it is frozen when they turn it on and wont let them enter a password. so they called Belkin support and are now being told someone could have hacked their IP. but the wifi inside the house and from the router works just fine.
  12. they lost the box they jsut sent a picture. lol
  13. yup thats what I told my mom, its not mine, but they paid a bit of cash and lost the damn box to it so cant return lol.
  14. We have a wifi extender we put in the garage to give us internet out there but it is super slow or doesn't work. It is a Belkin and it just plugs into the outlet. the connection shows up on our phones but doesn't work. any way to fix this?
  15. yeah i was wondering how durable the screen was, thanks!
  16. thanks that one looks nice, do you need a screen protector? or does the case stick up a bit so ur screen is in the air when face down?
  17. I just got a new S9+ and was looking to get a nice phone case for it, anyone have good suggestions? I don't like a glossy finish that just gets covered in finger prints and I like just black.
  18. now that i think about it it never works from crouch in video games either, i end up changing it to c its a corsair k70rgb iv had for two years and once i spilt milk on it and it was fried, i took it all part, let it dry for a week, cleaned with rubbing alcohol and then it worked, guess that one got fucked maybe.
  19. i just used my other ctrl button and it worked fine lol
  20. I'm trying to use ctrl+c and ctrl+v to copy and past my essay for school from word to the school website but it wont work, when i do so everything i highlighted deletes and i am left with just c. how can i fix this? this paper is due by 12am tonight and there is no other way for me to copy and paste. thanks,
  21. i switched my founders edition 1070 to liquid cooled, is my founders edition cooler worth anything? or should i just keep it around cause it looks cool and i could sell it with the gpu when im done with it.