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    occasionally attempts to help people
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    illiterate spastic
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    i5 4690k
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    gigabyte z97x gaming 3
  • RAM
    16GB ddr3
  • GPU
    gtx 970
  • Case
    define r5
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    250GB 850 evo, 1TB WD blue
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    EVGA superNOVA G3 650W
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    1440p and 1080p, 60Hz
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    cryorig h7
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    corsair k70, mx blue
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    logitech g502
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    windows 10

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  1. So I did a little spring clean on my pc, nothing fancy just blowing dust out(yes yes yes I held the fans in place and all that good shit). Now I notice that one of my case fans is acting weird: it spins up to a significant speed on its own without an apparent reason, lasts around 5 minutes and then stops. I've checked out various fan curves and profiles, monitored fan speeds, and nothing really works or shows anything. All my fans are connected to a define r5 case's fan controller so the increase in fan speed isn't shown in any monitoring software. What exactly could cause this?
  2. if you care about aesthetic go ahead and choose the one which pleases your eye. if you want best bang for buck: whatever is on sale/cheapest that fits the requirements from a reputable brand
  3. i think generally its a better idea to get a chromebook at those price-ranges. but if you insist on wanting either of those laptops, it doesn't really matter which one you choose. laptops at those prices are pretty similar in general. both of those come with office 365, the other is significantly heavier, different screen sizes, aand... that's it.
  4. *hugs you* but to get to business: my msi afterburner keeps all settings. maybe you should reinstall and install that piece of shit other thing that comes with it(for recording and shit) just in case. it should work.
  5. it happens randomly. im using HDMI atm im thinking about trying to find another cable if that would fix it
  6. yup i tried to reinstall drivers, and also i did reset all settings and redundant extensions and whatnot from my browser(chrome). all of that should be taken care of.
  7. i5 4690k (not OC:d), gigabyte z97x gaming 3 motherboard, 16GB ddr3 kingston, msi gtx 970 (not OC:d atm), 250GB 850 evo, EVGA superNOVA g3 650W, 1440p 60hz asus PB258Q monitor.
  8. so for example watching youtube videos, sometimes i see like the bottom 1/4 of the screen to flash really fast on some color or something(it looks like a somewhat teared color/picture)(cant really make out what it is because its so fast). could this be something to do with my GPU or monitor? or what?
  9. so im thinking about buying jaybird x3 headphones. i looked comparisons to freedoms etc.. but i cant really decide. i just want isolation from the surrounding sounds, wireless and something that stays in my head while running and shit. opinions about jaybird x3? suggestions?
  10. i was drunk when i put this picture up. i never even meant it to match the site. probably couldnt even see straight i just havent come around changing it
  11. but to the point: companies add buzzwords like "gaming" "VR ready" etc... to pretty much anything. "VR ready RGB keyboard" and shit like that. motherboards differ(not counting reliability and build quality) from each other based on their features. that is the only logical way of comparing them. generally, "gaming" motherboards may invest heavier on some features which gamers want/benefit from(this *can* be pretty subjective depending on what kind of features you are talking about. the fucking RGB controller doesnt give me more FPS. and like anders pointed out, better overclocking capabilities