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Posts posted by potatoproduction

  1. 13 minutes ago, Patoot said:

    I am planning to get 1080 but waiting just for new Intel i7 to roll out to get it all at once. Right now I have i5-4670K and I am not sure if it is worth it to put such GPU in current build. Also nowadays I play mostly Civ (5 and now 6) so not so oGPu heavy, but two monitors are a must to perform my work, and I just like the sharpness and quality of this LG 4k screens. 

     in my opinion  Your i5 is more then enough unless your doing cpu heavy tasks like streaming ,

    and since you only only play civ i think a 1080 would be over kill

  2. 13 minutes ago, Patoot said:

    I was just about to buy my second LG 27UD68-W, then it hit me - can my Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 actually run smoothly two 4k monitors at absolutely stable 60Hz? Mostly I use it for work (some VMs, a lot of Chrome, VLC videos) and sometimes gaming (Civ 6 on one screen and Chrome on other would be desired, of course in 60Hz). I know that my card has 3 DP in it, but was it meant for smooth two 4k displays? I want to make sure before I spend this money. 


    Thank you in advance for your answers!

    It should work fine , but if you can afford 2 4k monitors why can't you upgrade your gpu?

    I've heard the 980ti has had many deals lately 

  3. 12 minutes ago, Soundsystem90 said:

    I am at 1080P 90hz with my 1070, very happy with it so far, had it for 3 days and it performs excellent, also no bottlenecks which i was told might happen but it's not.


    So is the jump from 1080P to 1440P really worth it? 4K is far out of my reach i would need so much GPU power just to run games it's just going to hurt my wallet hugely.

    What do games do u play?


    Csgo/LOL/Dota/Other comp games:HZ>Resoltion 

    Triple A games : HZ<Resoltion 

  4. 10 minutes ago, deXxterlab97 said:

    I have 200 CAD in cash, 2$ coins x 100  paper money. How would somebody add their fund to their PayPal account without using a bank account


    Is there such thing like 200 CAD gift card that acceptable by PayPal?


    I live in Canada fyi.

    U can get a paypal gift card i think

  5. 12 minutes ago, lilbman said:

    I have a pair of ATH M50X's and Bose QuietComfort 35's...neither of which I'd use for gaming.  For now I am using Galaxy S7 earbuds..not the best imo

    Those are some of the best and most expensive headphones you can get (under 500$) 

    Why do you think that using them is a bad idea?


    BTW I currently use the Audio Technica ANC9 (basically a better sounding QC 25) and they are thousands of times better than my RAZER PRO USB (Porbs the worst percshing dissection i have made) and due to my current headphones superior sound quality and comfortably i use them for (semi) comp CSGO

  6. I don't want to sound like an extreme audio file but...

    Please don't get a "gaming headset"


    They have horrible sound quality, comfort and durability (my "gaming headphones" broke in 3 different places within 4 months) and they cannot be used anywhere other that your comp

     Check this Thread :


    They have the best headphones to get at the any price range, these are some of the best recommendations the only thing you won't be getting is the flashy lights that people waste there money on.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Enderman said:

    That's called paranoia.

    There is no reason why an appliance has any personal information.

    Do you really think your fridge cares about your personal information?

    You are right in some senses but there are still very possible risks


    .For example let's say you have a nest security camera or a baby monitor or anything else that has a camera that's always running and then a hacker or isp wants to access your camera so they hack /intercept your data stream and then they can see what is going on at your house.


    Btw this acculy happend here is an article:


  8. Just go to a hardware store and buy a nice 4x4 (dont know what the metric equivlent is) that matches the length you need and then paint/stain it to what you want it to look like and then i wood use wood glue and (if possible) countersunk screws from the top

  9. Hi,

    My friend recently won a psvr from the taco bell promotion but he doesn't play many games nor does he own a ps4.He is willing to sell it to me for 100-200$ but i don't have a PS4 either nor do i plan on getting one. Ive always wanted to get a vr headset (for pc) and i think this is a cool opportunity. Ive also heard that Sony is planning to release PC support and that people are working on hacks to get the PSVR to work on PC but all of these are maybes and might never happen (there also might be connection issues). 


    So what i wanted to ask if the risk is worth it?