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  1. So let me start by saying I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to speakers or anything audio related. I'm looking to up my room audio solution, seeing as right now all I use is a small wireless speaker anything will be an improvement. I'm looking at spending around $500 USD but down the road I may want to spend more so some room for upgrades would be nice. Currently my top choice has been this https://www.edifier.com/us/en/speakers/s730-2.1-gaming-speakers-10-inch-subwoofer because my friend has a similar set up that sounds pretty good but i'm plenty open to some suggestions. I do love
  2. That was the first thing I tried
  3. I’ve been scratching my head on this one for a few hours now with no progress so I thought I’d see if anyone here could help. I currently have two 980ti’s in SLI and up until a few days ago they worked great with zero problems. Then I transported my computer from home to college, I transported the entire computer in a padded box to assure it remained I damaged. I set up my pc and began to game and was noticing some strange performance things so I thought I’d run some benchmarks to see what was up and I noticed only one card was registering. I opened up my pc to find out what was wrong and come
  4. I know the 80d is great but I also know that canons replacement is coming soon this year. Would it be worth the wait?
  5. Hey all, I’m currently in the market for a new camera so I don’t have to share a canon 7D with my significant other anymore. I’m a computer guy but I don’t know jack when it comes to cameras really but I want to get into taking better pictures and videos. I want to stick with canon if possible and I’ve been looking at the rebel t7i as a possible choice and just wanted to see what everyone thought about that or if anyone has any better suggestions. Thanks
  6. I already have a decently ridiculous desktop setup at home with SLI 980ti's. I'm an engineering major though so the laptop will get pushed a good amount which is why I want more portable power
  7. I like this one but I do kinda want something with a 1070. And although the 2nd one has a 1070 I haven't seen the best stuff on the build quality which is kinda big to me. Any other ideas?
  8. Looking for a laptop for gaming and school work. I want something with a good amount of power because it will be used for things like autocad. The laptop will also be used for gaming sometimes. The laptop can be on the bigger side but preferably 6lbs or smaller. I also don't want to destroy my classmates ears in class so something that can be quiet in class would be nice. I can spend up to $2500 but would like to be around $2000. Any suggestions?
  9. I don't need anything crazy thin. Just something that I can fit in a bag to tote from class to class.
  10. Looking for a laptop for college and for personal use. Don't want something huge because I'll be carrying it around but I can deal with some weight. Would love to have laptop with at least an i7, 1tb HDD, some sort of SSD. I do want to game some on the laptop so I want something around a 1070. Looking to spend $2,000 or less.
  11. Whitenova

    HTC Vive

    Wondering if anyone knew if I ordered a vive today when it would ship. (I live in the US btw)
  12. Nuc or something small is fine as well
  13. If was willing to bite the bullet and buy the skull canyon nuc what ram and m.2 ssd should I go with if I'm looking to save a little cost there?
  14. Looking at buying an Intel nuc to use for LAN party's and streaming in my living room. I've looked at the skull canyon nuc and it fits everything other than the fact that it is $650 + the ssd and ram I would need. I will only be running simple games on the nuc such as Leauge and other basic games. Is there another Intel nuc that would fit my needs better and not come with the $650 price tag or is the skull canyon nuc really worth that price?