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    R5 2600
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    Asus B450-F Strix
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    16gb G.skill Trident Z RGB
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    Gigabyte Rtx 2070 Windforce
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    Phanteks P300
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    500gb Samsung 970 Evo, 1tb crucial ssd, 1tb Seagate Barracuda
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    Cryorig H7
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    Corsair K70 Lux
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    Corsair Void Pro Surround
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  1. depends on what you want, usb if you want to control it trough software. manual if you want to use hardware (ie remote)
  2. A few key differences, that Imperial seems to have gotten wrong is that if I understand correctly you have connected the fans to the controller, but are wondering what to do with the rgb? Like that person said a 3 pin fan connector can be used with a 4 pin header HOWEVER this is not the case with rgb headers! the argb header is 5v with a digital signal. the 4 pin rgb header uses 12v (I think) and has a red, blue and green channel. 3pin and 4pin are not able to work together!
  3. Are you sure the download is 35mbps and not 35 MB/s? which is rougly 280 mbps. otherwise, no clue
  4. depending on the retailer, ask before ordering if they can flash the bios. some of the shops I buy from have a policy that they'll do this for free if you buy mobo + cpu.
  5. A dutch retailer, where I know some people got quite a batch today, I think depending on where you are of course, I shouldn't take too long for 'm to be available.
  6. another option is ofcourse waiting with everything till ~christmas
  7. Hello people, I've got two options, on which I'd love to hear your opinion. since the launch of ryzen 5000 I've been excited about upgrading from my R5 2600. But there's two things about which I'm quite unsure. I basically have two options, being upgrade to a strix x570-F board (because they have a 30 EUR cashback), getting some more memory (3600 cl18 or 3200 cl16) and getting a 5900x (or a 5900 if I wait long enough). or get a z490 (strix z490-f has 50 EUR cashback) with a 10900kf and the same ram "now" however, the first option might t
  8. @Dedayog@Skiiwee29 Just wanted to make a quick easy overview.
  9. (Updating this as we go, all specs as shown in live presentation) all available november 5th AMD Ryzen 9 5950X $799 USD AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, 12c 24t up to 4.8 ghz boost 70mb L2 + L3 105W TDP $549 USD 5-50% improvement in games over 3900XT (at 1080p) up to 21% improvement over 10900K AMD Ryzen 9 5800X, 8c 16t up to 4.7 ghz boost 36mb L2 + L3 105W TDP $449 USD AMD Ryzen 9 5600X, 6c 12t up to 4.6 ghz boost 35mb L2 + L3 65W TDP $299 USD more info o
  10. I was thinking the same, thx for your reply.
  11. Hi, I'm currently using corsair ml120's (that came with my 360 aio) and two ml140's. After watching the video by GN about radiator placement, I decided I should change the position of my fans (case is pc-o11). My rad is going to the top, instead of the side. I could get some more ml120's but I think some NF-P12 redux's wouldn't look bad either. I checked and my fans don't go above 1100rpm currently, so then I'd go for the 1300rpm NF's. The question; Would there be any gain in upgrading to (a total of) 6 Noctuas?
  12. it looks like this, so for the one where you need 8, you use the left (6) + the right (2). For the one where you need 6 pins, you just use the left one (6) and leave the right one loose
  13. 6 + 8 is described as 6 + 6+2
  14. I want to stay below 100EUR, So you could say go for the cheapest (out of the two i posted earlier) because they perform the same basically?