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  1. The above posters are more correct as Thermal paste (unless using something very cheap) doesnt really produce much of a temperature difference. Sadly the silicon lottery would have a bigger part to play depending on generation. Making sure the mounting pressure is correct and that the surfaces are properly being covered are important. Most of the time the change of thermal paste from what is being used by reputable brands is just fine, you could see a few degrees difference. Making sure the gpu is able to get proper airflow and that the air in not circling around inside the case could yield be
  2. If you dont like Micro transaction games dont play them. If nobody played and purchased stuff in them they would go away really quickly.
  3. Most of the reviews for the user are him/her buying products. Sadly reviews can be purchased easily these days. Make sure that the product your buying is covered by Ebay and if you purchase its something that can be tracked by Ebay. Capture copies of everything and make sure that all emails and data are saved including the sellers product info. That way if it is a scam you can go to Ebay. You can check out their guarantee here.
  4. PSU:Seasonic FOCUS PX-850 Cablemod: CableMod PRO ModMesh RT-Series Cable Kit Looking to confirm that the cablemod kit is compatible with the PSU. here are the links to the products, PSU and Cablemod. Looking at Cablemods site I am not sure how it reads, I could assume that the RT series covers most of the seasonic but I try not to assume those things. thank you,
  5. Imagine if nobody purchased from Scalpers we wouldnt have an issue with scalpers? The problem isnt bots/savy users buying your cards and reselling them to you for a markup, its the people buying the markup price. Miner "comapnies" buying cards might be buying through business means which is smart thinking cant hold it against startups buying cards and relating them to the issue of nvidia not having enough supply for the demand during a global pandemic.
  6. I dont blame people from taking advantage of buying multiple gpu's and reselling for a profit. I blame people buying them at the marked up prices created the market for it to work so well. care hot take.....
  7. You would need to know the parts and such before you go buy a UPS. That should be easy once they have the parts you can ask what parts and from there you can search up the total power they would draw.
  8. What computer are you buying if you dont mind the question? There should be some indication of what its pulling. If its a gaming pc prebuild it should show the PSU wattage and from there its easy to account for a monitor and such.
  9. The size and VA of the UPS would be based on how much Wattage your pulling. The calculator on the APC website should assist. Lets say your gaming pc pulls 500w and you also need a monitor, so you would need one to safely take 600w (923va) as a ups can only push out X amount of wattage. The conversion to VA is on their website and alot of guides to assist.
  10. Buy a UPS as this will stop brownouts and surges in power. It will also have a battery for when power goes out giving you enough time to safe and shutdown. Amazon has a wide selection and most computer shops will carry them. To find out some information on how big of one you will need APC has a tool to assist https://www.apc.com/shop/ca/en/tools/ups_selector? (note you will have to fiddle with the wattage. make sure anything you wish to plugin you measure as you would need a monitor to see what your doing after a power outage) You can even get ones for your house installed now. I live in an
  11. I have been trying to find one without a shroud as I never liked shrouds. I always liked old school builds with cables everywhere looking more industrial. had to be creative for cables. Trying to find one that meets the requirements I am looking for can be very limiting.
  12. It does have some perforation holes and there would be some room between the shroud and the PSU for compatibility.
  13. I had this question in troubleshooting but this might be a better place for this question. I am looking to purchase a case and PSU where there is a possibility of the fan to be restricted but I do not know by how much or how much it could be affected. Case: http://www.phanteks.com/Enthoo-Evolv-mATX-TemperedGlass.html PSU: https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Graphics-Cards-Accessories/ROG-THOR-850P/ Since the PSU has an LCD screen while the fan is facing up the case could cause some restriction on airflow. There is some perforation and I would assume there is some room between
  14. Case: http://www.phanteks.com/Enthoo-Evolv-mATX-TemperedGlass.html PSU: https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Graphics-Cards-Accessories/ROG-THOR-850P/ I would love to find another MATX case that supports 360/280mm rad aio support while also allowing the PSU to ahve the fan facing up without a shroud covering the LCD on the ROG Thor. There is some perforation holes in the Phanteks case but not alot by the PSU area. Would having the fan facing up restrict the air enough to cause damage? I assume there is some room between the PSU and the PSU shroud but I cannot find anywhere that shows ho
  15. I am more baffled that gamestop is still afloat...Unless its a smaller shop for old school videogames/audio/technology equipment I cannot see a chain store dedicated to videogames...