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  1. Possibly, I've seen some sketchy looking guides on how to transfer Windows licenses between PC's, it would have to be a clean install on his new computer though (for example he couldn't just take his hard drive out of his laptop and boot straight into windows from his desktop without having some issues). Personally, I've activated 3 computers with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit using a single product key from an old Compaq laptop. All systems are running at the same time and all say "Windows is activated" without any problems. As for Windows 10, I've heard it's harder to trick, but I have had n
  2. What in particular is wrong with Gigabyte's cards? My friend has a Gigabyte R9 380 and he hasn't had any complaints.
  3. I would recommend a mix of the two builds, something like a R9 380x and Skylake i5, and as for the laptop HDD, he can but it will be pretty slow and a hard drive isn't super expensive so I would recommend he just save up the extra $50 to avoid having to transfer everything over later.
  4. I would agree, a 380 or 390 would be significantly better, included the 960 because I thought OP had specifically requested it. As for the FreeSync monitor, it would certainly be nice, but not really necessary at this price point. And I have been using EVGA's B series power supplies in a couple of builds since about a year ago with no problems with moderate use..you are safe enough anyway since the system will most likely never draw more than 450 Watts at the very most.
  5. I read that it is, supposedly they buy copies of software where the currency conversion is lower (price of games is lower) and then resell them for slightly higher. Apparently its worse for the economy then just pirating though... I've never used it but I've heard it does work.
  6. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/B32Rpg You were saying? Windows 7 is $50 from g2a.com, and you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free until July if you want. Edit: Didn't see it was even cheaper from Kinguin, go with that instead.
  7. Ok, sounds good. I would recommend picking up that 750 Ti.
  8. Just want to make sure your CPU won't be holding the GPU back or the other way around.
  9. Looks like a good deal to me. What CPU do you have?
  10. I would try to find a 290 used. If you want to buy new, I agree with everyone else, 280x is certainly the best performer but Shadowplay on the 770 would be nice. You probably won't be disapointed with any of the cards, I have a 7970/280x and I can max out almost every game.
  11. http://www.amazon.com/ZOTAC-GeForce-DisplayPort-Graphics-ZT-70605-10M/dp/B00KHUE0MC/ref=sr_1_2?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1460865623&sr=1-2&keywords=750+ti $4.99 over budget but this is the best you're gonna get.
  12. Depends on what games you're planning to play, but if you have the budget for it, an R9 380 would pair nicely without much bottle-necking.
  13. Creating a semi-ghetto scrapyard wars type PC for my friend. Bought a socket 775 motherboard and used the 771 to 775 mod to put a Xeon x5460 in it. Anyways, got scammed on Craigslist (bought a broken q9300 and motherboard) and lost $40 so my budget is a little tighter now. Any ideas for a GPU around the $150-$180 range? It can be used, new, or refurbished. Pretty much nothing on Craigslist near me but a few GTX 580s that people are asking $300 for on Craigslist (lol wtf). Anyway, I was thinking maybe a 750 Ti, 950 (beats the 370 for pretty much the same price), 960 (probably not cuz 380), or 3
  14. If you are staying with AMD, upgrade to an 8350 and do some serious overclocking. If you are replacing your motherboard as well, its not worth it to go back to AMD, I would get a i5 4590 or 6500.
  15. Thanks for your input, this is a PC I am building for a friend and considered using an i3 6100 or G3258, but a lot of games now have trouble running on a dual-core (even if it gets a similar benchmark score), I'm assuming just because the game was optimized for 4 cores, such as GTA V or Far Cry 4. The first system I built had a G3420 at 3.2 GHz (bought it just before the G3258 came out) and I remember watching Scrapyard Wars Season 1 and wishing I had gone that route instead, mainly because I was playing a lot of GTA V at the time and my G3420 could barely hold a stuttey 30 FPS (My HD 5870 was
  16. Thanks, I might consider getting the sata 3 and usb 3 cards. As for the RAM, Stardar1 offered to ship me some he had lying around, so I will be using that, however thanks for the eBay link, I definitely would have used that otherwise. And yes, I did get the idea from Tech Yes City :). Great YouTube channel.
  17. I don't think you are going to find much...if you got a really good deal on a 750 Ti that's probably the cheapest/most powerful card you can buy that doesn't require external power. Maybe you could buy molex to pcie power adpaters and get something like a 260x used? A 350W power supply should be able to handle that...any lower than 350W and I don't know.
  18. Bought the motherboard from a store that sells surplus computer components, etc. They have RAM, but I believe only 667 MHz and they wanted $39 for two 2 GB sticks. Also, I have 4 RAM slots.
  19. Ok, if you could check the speed, I would consider it. How much would you want for it?
  20. I'm currently looking to build a cheap gaming PC for my friend, and decided to go with the socket 775 route. Picked up a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L for $40, along with a $10 case. I am going to attempt the socket 771 to 775 mod which basically lets you put a Xeon x5460 (equivalent of the qx9650 but socket 771) in a socket 775 motherboard. I also might get a GTX 950 I found for $100 on Craigslist (not as good of a deal as my $85 7970, but whatever ). Anyways, to the point, I have been trying to find some DDR2 RAM on eBay (none on Craigslist atm) but everything is just so expensive...especially since
  21. Sorry for the late reply, I thought putting it in the oven was pretty illogical too, but after I saw Linus' video on it I did some research and found that it actually has a high success rate. Apparently heating the oven to 385 F is enough to melt the solder and allow it to reconnect and fix any loose connections. As for it being dead, I wasn't really expecting much more to come out of it, but it has been a really good card for the time I've had it. Bought it off of Craigslist for $85 a few months ago (pretty good deal considering a new 280x costs about $200) and it worked great unt
  22. Might be true, however it's certainly strange that it works fine for non-stressful tasks such as browsing the forums and right now it even seems to be playing video perfectly fine. Maybe the card can only handle a certain amount of power draw and beyond that its dead? I have a 600W EVGA Bronze PSU, so it certainly has all the power it needs on that end.
  23. About a month ago, my R7970 broke, it had giant blue vertical artifacts running down the screen. Today I finally decided to do something about it and tried the oven reflow solder method. After heating it in the oven I waited for it to cool and then put the heatsink and fan back on, turned on my computer and it seemed to be working fine, except for the fact that the display didn't turn on until I got to the Windows 10 lock screen (about 15 seconds from turning the PC on). Anyways, once I got to the desktop I still had no artifacting or any problems, so I fired up Furmark. It ran fine for about
  24. That's what I was planning on doing unless someone had another idea.