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    Artificial Intelligence, Football (Soccer)
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    Machine Learning Engineer / Developer


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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600
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    MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max
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    2x8GB G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200MHz
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    Gigabyte RTX 3060TI Gaming OC Pro
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    Fractal Design Meshify C TG
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    Samsung Evo 512 GB, 128GB Samsung NVME and 2TB WD Blue
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    Corsair RM850x
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    LG UltraGear GL83A-B
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    Corsair Hydro H75
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    Corsair Vengeance K70
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    Steelseries Rival 100
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    FiiO E10K, Monoprice Liquid Spark, Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro, all things Koss
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    Windows 10 and Ubuntu

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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to expand my memory, CPU is 3600 and motherboard is MSI Gaming Plus Max. I currently have G.Skill Ripjaws V F4-3200C16D-16GVKB in there, and I can either get an extra set or replace it. I was going to buy a 3000MHz CL15 set, but then I heard Ryzen doesn't do odd CL, so It'd be 3000MHz CL16. However, 3200MHz CL16 is pretty expensive and 4 sticks of my current memory is not on the QVL of my motherboard. Any tips?
  2. That worked, you are a genius! Could you tell me why that worked? Resizable BAR is now also enabled, holy crap!
  3. Hmm weird. Well I can't know whether my verison changed now, but seeing as how the OC bios is bricked, I think it's safe to assume it did something. I won't be trying to fix it, since I don't want to bork the Quiet bios as well and be left with a completely f*cked card. This was the last time I ever updated a GPU bios, that's for sure...
  4. Okay so apparently if you have the control panel open it will tell you to close the control panel, it will then show you a message that the bios was installed successfully and prompt to restart, but it won't actually have installed the bios. I now have installed the BIOS, bit I have a black screen. How long do I wait before I turn it off? Thank god for dual bios. Guess my 3060Ti will stay in Quiet mode forever...
  5. Hi all, According to Gigabyte, the latest bios for the 3060Ti add resizable BAR. I tried installing the bios by downloading the package and running the N306TGOPL.F3.exe inside. It says it installed the BIOS, but resizable bar is still not supported and GPU-Z says the bios version is "", which has a build date of 2020-10-30 according to TechPowerUp. If I try to follow the update steps on the Gigabyte website I get send to a page but I really don't understand what they want met to do. Anyone already did the upgrade and mind telling me how?
  6. With that chip, resolution and refresh rate you are 100% fine like @HairlessMonkeyBoy said. Better to save money and energy and just stick with the iGPU.
  7. Depends on the resolution you are playing watching at and what intel processor you are using. If it's a really old chip that doesn't support the resolution / frequency of the TV than you might want to install a newer GPU, otherwise there's no benefit. Also that's a pretty old GPU, so even if you would have need for a discrete GPU, that one probably won't help.
  8. Hey, that's great! Your build looks very nice and clean. Congrats and enjoy the system :D.
  9. Did you check in the BIOS whether it's set to DC mode? I saw in the latest video that they used these fans and that it behaved weird because it was set to the wrong mode by default.
  10. I have had all three types and I will never move away from IPS anymore. My experience with a VA panel was that the contrast is very good, however the one I had, and this is apparently more often the case, had terrible ghosting / smearing. I now have the 27gl83a-b and I really love the monitor.
  11. martward

    New mouse

    Hi all, I'm in the market for a new mouse and I have two main contestants: - Logitech Pro Wireless - Razer Pro Click (I seem susceptible to the whole "pro" marketing :P) I want something wireless and easy to switch between my desktop and laptop. The advantages of the Razer are that it supports Bluetooth (so I don't have to switch the dongle) for my laptop where latency doesn't matter, it looks nice and it's ergonomic. However it does have a 2.4mm lift-off distance according to rtings. The Logitech has the advantage of a lot of positive reviews, probably
  12. I would suggest going Ubuntu if you're not familiar with linux. It's not necessarily the easiest as far as I know, but there is so much support online. Everybody and their grandma's are using Ubuntu and the internet forums are filled with questions and answers about the platform. There is a lightweight version called Lubuntu, but I have no idea whether it is any good.
  13. It really doesn't matter that much. In some benchmarks the 1650 super is slightly faster, in others the rx580 is slightly faster. I would just look up one or two reviews of outlets you trust and like to read (for me that's LTT, GamersNexus and Hardware Unboxed / Techspot) and check the review for the 1650 super. The 1650 super should contain the 580 (since 1650 super is newer) so you can get a good indication not only of the comparison but of the performance you can expect from both cards individually. I would imagine that the new cards should be better available somewhere in the second
  14. You're not bugging, this is what a forum like this is for :). So in the review I looked up quickly the 1650 super is is a couple of frames faster at 1080p than the 580 on average. More vram is needed when you go to higher resolutions and higher settings and it wouldn't be wise to get a 4gb card if you were planning to use it the next three years since vram usage increases with next generation games. However since you mentioned getting a card now and upgrading later in, what seemed, the not too distant future, 4gb should be fine if you're not at 4k or 1440p high refresh (which these cards
  15. Don't get me wrong, you can game and stream on the system you mentioned. However Nvidia cards have a dedicated encoder which is apparently high quality and doesn't tax your system that much. With your setup your CPU will handle the encoding AFAIK, and that's a pretty fast CPU. I don't know how pricing is where you live, but I'd get a 1650 super if you are going for rx480 level performance. As I understand it's a bit faster, has nvenc and is a bit cheaper (where I live at least).