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  1. Yes I could build 2 pcs and a extrnal raid and call it a day or b abit uneek and have it all setup in 1 case and system. Cost in total at this stage to achieve it is 6.5k total with monitors. So $3k a system plus $500 for raid array isn't that bad if u ask me.
  2. Because ive had 2 hhd fail in past and lost our wedding photos and baby photos. I wanted a raid 10 for redundancy if a drive fails I can put a new 1 in and all is well. Idk if it uses 16 lanes that's what I'm trying to figure out could be 4x being sata I just didn't know if it would require that many lanes. The system will use 2vms my misses side with 6 cores 10gb ram a 512gb m. 2 Samsung 960 evo for os and programs And a gtx 1070 gpu My side will be 6 cores 16gb ram A 512gb Samsung 960 evo for os And a gtx 1080ti or new Gen gpu
  3. Hello been a while since posting. Trying to figure out total pci express lanes for a triple use pc build I'm currently building. Waiting for release a threadripper 2920x asumming 64pci lanes 12core My setup will have 2x samsung 960pro nvme 512gb m. 2 os drives=8lanes 4x wd red 3tb hhd in raid 10= 16 lanes 1x ssd samsung evo 512gb for raid cache= 4lanes GTX 1080ti but might change depending on gtx 2080 release specs=16 lanes GTX 1070 for misses=16 lanes 58total lanes plus 4 for usb controller, sound and o
  4. Thank you for simplifying everything. I want m.2 nvme like Samsung Evo 960. I looked at unraid but never used it. Only ever used vmware, I'm OK with buying a licence providing I can run 2 vm but I'm unshore yet how to build the Nas side of it I've seen a couple of videos but nothing on the scale and in 1 system. It will be split up and used as 1. Missus* lol work storage(documents, accounts, templates, photos etc) 2.plex server / storage (movies, music, family photos, personal stuff) 3. Camera feed video storage 4.my work/game storage cad ect
  5. Hey new to this page but after some advice. Money isn't a issue but willing to spend money on a decent triple use system I'm planing on getting a threadripper 1950x 16 core cpu but I'm unsorted how to go about what I want. I want to use 2 cores to run the vmware on primary system then create a vm system for misses she does designing an ant to give her 6cores or 12 threads for herself on windows 10. And for myself I want to dedicate the same to myself as I do cad work and gaming as well as movies etc. Then another 2 core to another vmware operating system for a Nas I plan on using a ssd each fo
  6. Hello I've ordered the parts for pc. I didn't go with internal storage but looking at a external nas. I have a unifi 16port Poe switch and currently use it for 2 hard wired pcs 4 cameras and I have 6 unifi wall socket type access points thrue out house. I want to have a raid array for storage for cameras a media storage for movies over network and 2 patitions for business storage and personal storage what options do I have. Can I do that with a 4 bay or do I need more as I want redundancy in case of a hhd failure. Can I get a standalone unit like a synogy system or do I haft to go full server
  7. So if I get it right the ryzen has 24lanes 16x for gpu, a pci wifi card I'm guessing is 1x and m.2 is 4x how much pci does the sata drives have or do they run off a separate bus.
  8. This is how I plan on using the system. The m.2 for Windows and programs the wd black for game storage, downloads and movies and files then the raid will b linked to network at home for misses who runs a business from home as she currently uses a portable HDD. I plan on using them in raid for redundancy and storage for her business stuff aswell as our kids and wedding photos ect. I could go separate raid array but I want to utilise the nzxt phantom 530 case I have picked out as it has 6 expansion slots inside case so computer with have 2 uses
  9. Hey everyone after a simple answer I'm currently ordering parts for a new build but before I'm unshore on if the system I'm building will have full abilities and not a hit on proformance due to pci lanes allocation. I have picked a ryzen 1700x CPU and a GIGABYTE GA-AX370-GAMING 5 motherboard. I have picked a strix gtx1080ti 16x, a Samsung 960 pro 256gb m.2 gen 3 4x, that's system side then I'm also using unraid and using a wd black 2gb as storage games programs ect, and 4 wd red 2gb as a nas storage all connected with data will system run everything fine without bottlenecking(dipping in profor
  10. I Wanted to buy card as I haven't seen 1 in Australia and it's not released yet. I'm not a fan of AMD and there going bankrupt. There not going to be doing gpu for much longer in my opinion because yeah they might bring a card out thats faster then the titan but I bet any money nvidia will have another card lined up that will beat that. Yeah there cheaper but they got to sell a lot more and be cheaper to drive nvidia down in price but AMD is on borrowed money and in few years will stop making cards and the growth of gpu will slow down because there's no comp. If AMD is smart they will sell the
  11. Hello I want to get hold Linus in relation to a r9 390x I've contacted buyer and if it's true I'm buying it and wants to get hold of Linus so I can send himthe r9 390x for a review for you guys