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  1. Nothing really, it's going be straight new build with 3200MHz DDR4, a more beefier PSU is needed for expansion on that front and maybe a RTX 3060 Ti if I play my cards right when I get the funds to do so... Partly is due to some plans I have for this old machine when space allows, but also it is a nice "fallback" option if the computer dies within a few weeks...
  2. More of a hobby, and I would ideally like this to last 6 years before I need a new build (as that is how old my current workstation is). Hence why I'm so "on the fence" about this.
  3. My question isn't whether Ryzen is a good fit, as I've seen it perform considerably better then my old i7-4790K build straight from the 1st-Gen revision. But rather the 2700X specifically is something I should be considering under a tight budget, or if I should just "suck it up" and save up an additional £300-£400 for a 5th/3rd-Gen Ryzen build...
  4. That's easy as it's going to be identical to what I'm using now: Under Fedora Linux I'll be using software such as Blender (might upgrade to 2.91 over the 2.83 I'm stuck with), Substance Painter 2019, KDENLive for video editing, Natron 2.15 for compositing. The renderer will depend on the nature of the project, but more times then not it'll probably be EEVEE. Usually render times is improved with more cores tackling the problem, but that may also be down to the GPU as well...
  5. This is going to be more concise then my other posts : Ignoring the fact that the 2700X is can only utilise a 400-series chipset and thus limits the upgrade to 3rd-Gen Ryzen in the future, is the aforementioned Ryzen CPU good for a very budget oriented 3D Animation workstation with occasional gaming on the side?
  6. This is something I've been wondering for a while now; what's with the trend of ditching bezels? Did I miss a memo or something because I really don't care how thin the bezels are on a display as long as it meets my requirements for what I want out of said display. I at one point had 2 Dell 3008WFP monitors (now just 1 and a CRT), which you may remember having thick bezels by today's standard, but they had decent colour accuracy for the size and resolution I was after... The bezels between 2 displays didn't bother me. Obviously I feel very similar about laptops, tablets, and phones.
  7. I love MLP as a show (Series-3-6 being my favourite), my profile image was custom drawn by me (I'm a terrible 2D artist, I know. ?), and it is based on the old MLP parody series "Friendship is Witchcraft"... The character in question is called "Sweetie Bot"...
  8. I don't necessary have one, but it is easy enough to get it! Very interesting indeed, I guess I was thinking too digitally on a solution! ? Indeed they do, but I've trained to be an animator, not a sound engineer; the curse of this is that I have a hard time thinking of those interesting solutions they come up with! ?
  9. Hey all, So this is more of a weird question I've had in recent memory, but I'm wondering if there is a way to generating a "whining" noise you get on an AC Traction Motor on something like a BR Class 483 or 322 EMU in a audio program such as Audacity or Audition? Just wondering if it is possible to create this sound virtually or if it has to be recorded live; which is subjucted to unwanted background noise. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey all, So I want to start off by saying this is just a thought and probably won't come into fruition, but I still want to hear your thoughts on this idea! =P So I've been watching videos of LAN parties of old and I had a thought: what if I built a small gaming lan centre in the house for friends (if I had any nearby) but instead of playing modern games on 'state-of-the-art' systems, it would be a retro gaming LAN centre complete with Voodoo 2 gaming systems and CRTs. Again, probably won't do it because of the cost (and space) involved, but if that wasn't a problem - w
  11. Hello all, I'm planning a retrofit on my entertainment setup for my bedroom (more like a studio with a bed strapped in it) and I stumbled across some CRT Projectors and here's what I've noticed about them: They offer a better contrast ratio and colour compared to LCD and DLP projectors (Like the more modern Laser Projectors/OLED TV) They're highly modular Has a longer operation life, again comparable to more modern Laser Projectors But requires more maintenance according to some people Do you think I should get a CRT Projector; like the Barco Cine 6 or Sony G70
  12. That is is a pretty solid plan if you ask me. I'll return that Mini-ITX motherboard and buy a Ryzen 5 with a corresponding Mini-ITX board for the build. ^^
  13. That was the exact processor I was looking in the Ryzen line-up. I was planning to pair the Ryzen 5 (originally with the i5-8400) with 16GB of Corsair DDR4 memory and a 6GB ASUS GeForce GTX 1060.
  14. I see... I might switch to Ryzen then and put up not testing out Coffee Lake then. Honestly though, it's not the worst thing to happen in the world.
  15. So I've been "commissioned" to setup VR for a family member and consequently build a machine capable of such a task. I have been able to obtain a 300-series Mini ITX board and a total of around 90% of the components I need to build the computer, but I've noticed the processor I chose - the Intel Core i5-8400, isn't widely available and the resellers on Amazon asking way too much for such a processor of this calibre. The only place I've found the chip in question was on eBuyer but it says it won't be available until the 30th of November at the earliest! Luckily I don't need to