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  1. 9 hours seems relatively accurate. It make take a 10-12 though. Somewhere in there.
  2. Yes I do. Stock speeds please. If you could run all 16 threads for one task and then link me the host just like Porina did, I would be eternally grateful.
  3. Yes go ahead and disable the gpu acceleration. Are all 16 threads currently running a work unit?
  4. Go ahead and run all 16 threads and report all 16 times. It is multi threaded. And I noticed that your 1700 is at 3.6Ghz... would you be willing to take the OC off for the test? I know it's a pain.
  5. I actually need them at stock speeds. Would you be willing to take the OC off for the test? I know it's a pain. Also, these CPU's have 16 threads. Go ahead and run all 16 and give me all 16 times.
  6. I'm working on a research project into distributed computing, and I need to run tests on the 1700, 1700x, and 1800x Unfortunately I don't own any of these processors. That's where you come in! I need to know how long it takes a certain work unit from the Einstein@Home project to run on each of these processors. So the favor I need from you is: - Send me your full system specs - Download the BOINC host application - Link up to the Einstein@Home network - Run 5 work units overnight while you're not using the computer, and report back to me with the amount of time it
  7. Also, you won't "Fry your pc". Your PSU will just shut off if you overload it.
  8. My 780ti OC 1300mhz, 4660k OC 4.2GHz, optical drive, SSD, 2-7200rpm hard drives and 3 monitors only pull 450w from the wall combined measured with a kill-o-watt meter. Your PSU is fine.
  9. I used the Proliant drawers back in the pre-hyperthreading quad core days. Great hardware. Be ready for a little bump in your power bill though... That'll be a 500w unit with all those drives in there, so it'll cost $20 a month to run. If that doesn't bother you, server on baby.
  10. Austin's is a rotting slice of California stinking up the most inspiring state in the country with college kids who sleep until 11 and drink lattes all day while crying about how mean Mr. Trump is being unfair to their entitled and deserving selves granted by the inalienable right of superiority that their college diploma holds with such self evidence. If Amazon wants to come here, absolutely outstanding. You see, the worst part about Austin, being the young, educated but immensely stupid population is that they're easy to impress; At least, easy to impress into paying $1200 a month for a 1-1