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    Intel Core i5 - 4460
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    Asus H81M - Plus
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  1. Would a cable like this be suitable? I think I'll use surge protectors for some piece of mind. Thunderstorms are not common, happening once or twice a year.
  2. I'm building an office garden which will need to have an internet connection. I have some questions about how to do this. We are planning to dig a trench from the house to the garden office to provide power and I would like to use that to run an ethernet cable. What cable should I use? The cable will be connected to the side of the house and then buried. Do I need cat 5e direct burial? Cat 5e runs throughout the house so using anything higher spec than cat 5e would be overkill. How do I protect against lightning strikes? Do I need to earth the cable in any way? If so how should I
  3. A week ago I noticed that my CPU was getting really hot under a gaming load, 91C plus so yesterday I cleaned the inside of my PC for the first time in years, it was disgusting. Given the amount of dust I removed I was confident my CPU would not get so hot so I fired up AIDA64 for a stress test. After 10 seconds I hit 99C on my CPU and started thermal throttling, as much as 24%. This is worse than it has ever been and definitly wasn't the case when I built this machine 4 years ago. I am running a Intel Core i5-4460 with the stock CPU cooler. To solve this problem I
  4. The military has been called in to help deal with the situation src: BBC News
  5. I am using the Hyper X Cloud II and personally think there is no better option for their price point. Had them over 2 years now and had no issues and if/ when they die, I'll probably buy another pair
  6. I need to purchase a USB to SATA adapter. Only planning on getting a cheap one from eBay as I'm only going to be using it a couple of times. In some of the product description pages it says it's only for 2.5" drives. The drives I need it to work on are 3.5". Is this going to a problem? I assume 3.5" drives require more power. Any guidance on this would be great.
  7. I defiantly think that build would do a decent job of playing those games. My only concern would be only have 8GB of RAM. I would consider buying the PC and then saving up for another 8GB of RAM. You would need to ensure the motherboard has a DIMM slot for another stick of RAM and that the RAM you buy is the same as the one that came with the PC.
  8. I'm planning on building this PC for a family member as a home/ Office PC. I am a little concerned about the BIOS update that may be required. I was hoping I could get some advice on this and the build in general. PC Partpicker link is here. Already have a case sorted
  9. Know you didn't want specifics but it is my understanding that SATA is not supported over GPIO
  10. As part of the first year of my Computer Science degree I am learning Java, HTML and CSS, and SQL all at the same time. I do not have have an issue with this as all four are very different.
  11. As someone who completed my EPQ last year I recommend relating to something economicy and getting it over and done with as quick as possible
  12. Drive works when plugged into a usb type a port, should have mentioned in original post
  13. I am currently enjoying the dongle life of the Macbook Pro 2016! Today's enjoyment comes from having to use a type c to type a dongle for my USB 3.0 thumb drive suddenly not being delivered power. When I plug it in, nothing. My mac detects no issues and their are no power indicators illuminated on the thumb drive! I have tested the dongle with USB 2.0 thumb drives and they have worked as expected, also I use the dongle to charge my phone so the dongle is capable of transferring both power and data. Any ideas on how to fix or further trouble shoot this would be appreciated.