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  1. <3 Awesome build dude. Props! Yes I'm here too..... *stalk*
  2. Nah man, @SonoDanshi's build has nothing on yours. Still looks good though.
  3. Everyone uploading the super sexy screenshots and I'm just like... Hey! New mount! *Boop*
  4. *Plop* WTB Sleeved cables next, then a nice tempered glass case..
  5. Forza Horizon 3, not a massively fancy pic but I took it when faffing around. 3440x1440 on Ultra averaging over 60FPS, So it's all good!
  6. I suppose It's not technically a screenshot... You could consider it thousands of screenshots? I did the highest Solo Greater Rift I've achieved so far this season on Diablo III and figured I'd record it while at it. The character being played has 60 hours play time at the moment.. Also it WAS recorded 1440, downside being that as D3 doesn't support 3440x1440 I have to record in 2560x1440 and then it's only output at 1080 anyways Sorry if there's a video thread somewhere
  7. My Limited Edition Deadpool Steel book Bluray turned up today. #Driveby .... I'm touching myself tonight.
  8. Some boxes! With plastic stuffz inside...
  9. I mostly played in private with friends, but the few times I did end up in a public lobby with hackers they were actually fairly funny and weren't being too much of an ass. I think as said above though many of them have now disappeared or the kids using them have just gotten bored of playing. It's fairly quiet in most areas now.
  10. I ran 2x AOC G2460F 24" screens at 1080 for a long time and it was a great set up. if you're staying at 1080 then as above I personally wouldn't go 27", for 1440 sure.. but not for 1080
  11. Nothing like being a couple years too late to the show...
  12. Fantastic! Well done. So technically if someone can't prove otherwise you have two records now! Proud of you! (Mansniffs)
  13. M2 SSD yo! He doesn't really need storage in the Node except for the windows install.
  14. Touché... You'll have to get me a picture of it al set up at some point, seeing as I'm a nosey git and all that
  15. Excellent! So when are you busting out the Racing seat and giving PC or AC a bash? Be interesting to see the temps when you've been abusing it for a few races.
  16. Well colour me impressed. (Whatever colour that may be) That's one pretty dang tight fitting Node202! So does the cover fit on with no issues? I'm loving the whole colour scheme, makes me want to go and buy some Irn-bru.. Make sure you keep us up to date on the tempered glass idea, if I'd put that much effort in to squeeeezing that in a 202 I'd want to see it too! What's in like on the Aural side?
  17. Most definitely not a GPU Problem then! Get those fans installed! My 970's run at 60(Windforce 3) & 75-80(PNY Reference style blower) under load but my case is always freezing to touch. I've started to leave my can on top of it now and again to try and keep them cool.
  18. Yikes. Very very tight fitting in there. I can see why people didn't want to take up the challenge. haha. That last shot really puts it in to perspective of how small the Res is! What's the capacity of that thing? Surely it can't be more than 30-40ml?
  19. I nearly started crying in fear for my life when I got here.... :'(