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  1. I've run into this issue which occurs a few times a week whereby I'd be watching Youtube (maybe with Discord or something open in the background) i.e. very little load. My monitors would immediately go blank and the GPU fans spin at 100% but I can still hear sound from Youtube. The only way to fix this is power off from the PSU and power back on. This also happens when gaming but it doesn't really seem to matter what the GPU/CPU load is (I'm assuming GPU is the culprit here). I have an overclock of 120MHz core clock and 900MHz memory clock (down from 130Mhz and 950MHz respectively
  2. I have an Asus X570-F motherboard and just updated the bios from 2207 to 2608 as this has added GPU support. I've set the exact same bios settings which include some fan curve changes and setting the D.O.C.P profile. This now causes crackling audio from any source, whether it's on Chrome or any other application. I've found that configuring my D.O.C.P settings manually but dropping the frequency from 3600Mhz to 3466Mhz fixes this issue. Although it's a minor drop it's not really desirable. The D.O.C.P settings are: 3600Mhz at 16-18-18-18-38 timings @1.350V. All other v
  3. The timing I set is the same as DOCP. Okay fair enough - I don't think I've ever had anything short so not sure what it looks like (I guess it wouldn't turn on at all). I don't think it's a PSU issue either. I just got the rm750x today and this also happened on my evga g3. Possibly a bad connection with the CPU but I'm also thinking it might be my GPU now... I touched one of the 8 pin connections and voila the PC shut down with the same issue. I think it's possibly a bad extension (as mentioned I changed PSU's so also changed the GPU cable but I have extensi
  4. I've had it set that way since building this PC. I did have a set of G.Skill's which I returned in favour for this set (cheaper and faster - 3200 vs 3600). I actually just double checked the QVL list and the memory I have is listed (slightly different serial, but same brand, speed, die-type, timings, voltage) so it's not a compatibility issue. I wonder if it's worthwhile me trying to downgrade to a previous BIOS if it happens again. I've also confirmed the RAM is properly latched and all other PSU cables are also clipped in tightly as I'm curious if its a power issue or something s
  5. CPU/RAM seems to be stable when running aida-64 stress test. Not enabled XMP but instead set the XMP values manually as I've read somewhere that this is recommended instead
  6. I haven't because I thought if that were the issue it would happen way more often and it only happens maybe once a week. The wraith prism is also a pain to take off/re-mount FWIW I think it started after updating my bios to 2207 now that I think about it but not 100% sure about that. I wonder if this could be because it's something as simple as my RAM not being latched properly hence why it normally always works when taking it out/putting it back in
  7. I've been intermittently having issues where my PC would randomly shut down, and when switching it back on everything will power up (including RAM's leds) but the motherboard debug LED would either be stuck at the RAM led or the CPU led. My motherboard speaker would make the usual 1 short beep so nothing out the blue there. My specs are: Mobo: Asus RoG Strix X570-F CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X RAM: Crucial Ballistix RGB 3600MHz C16 GPU: MSI Gaming X Trio 2070 Super Cooler: stock AMD Wraith Prism PSU: Corsair RM750X The RAM isn't listed in the
  8. I think I'll upgrade to a better cooler. Maybe a NH-U12S or Arctic Freezer 34 Duo (I hate the thermal paste application on this cooler though). FWIW I did remove the stock thermal paste and apply my own MX-5 (not that this is the best thermal paste around but surely better than stock). I assume the GPU temp differences from reviewers are because they test it on an open bench. I'm just wondering if I can justify the £15 for the 1c~ temp changes for the top fan. I guess as long as it doesn't have any negative impacts then it's not the worst, but I expected slightly bett
  9. Yes, they all hit max at 65c. Top and back are exhausts. Front 3 are intake obviously. I've retested over a longer test and it's a 3c GPU difference and 2-3c CPU difference with the side panel off, which really isn't that massive. I assume a little bit of difference is to be expected with the side panel off? I've taken the top fan off and ran a CPU stress test and CPU average increased by about 0.7c, so there is a little bit of benefit in that fan, but not much. This fan is above and slight to the left of the CPU cooler so there should be no negative impact with it (i.e. exhausting
  10. Both GPU and CPU get quite a bit cooler with the side panel off (4c and 8c respectively), which means the case fans are to blame in that case? It's the stock wraith prism RGB cooler. I'm looking to upgrade it to a smaller mid-sized cooler but still surprisingly high. Yeah I suppose it is. I was more asking of a general consensus of whether or not the top fan is advised or not
  11. Room temp is around 21c which is fine
  12. I purchased the Phanteks P400A-D case based on GamersNexus reviews on thermals. As well as the 3 stock fans in the front, I've bought a Be Quiet Silent Wings 2 (120mm) for the rear exhaust and a Shadow Wings 2 for top rear exhaust - the top front slot is empty. I'm getting quite poor temperatures all around - CPU temps are 45-55c on idle, 75-80c whilst gaming, GPU temps are 5c higher than benchmarks I've seen (70-72c whilst gaming). The fan curves are fairly aggressive for all fans - they ramp up to 100% at 70c gpu/CPU respectively The important specs:
  13. I'm looking to get some G. SKill Trident Z 3466Mhz C16 RAM as there's a good deal on it. I know it's not the fastest but it is faster than my 3200 Mhz C16 HyperX Fury RAM and a bit cheaper also. The main reason I want to return the hyperx fury and get G Skill is because the RGB on the HyperX fury doesn't sync with Asus Aura as advertised. The increased speeds for cheaper on the G Skill are just a nice plus. The memory isn't on the QVL list. Should I be concerned about being able to run it at its advertised speeds/timings?
  14. All you really need is: 1) AMD Chipset drivers (get this from amd directly, not from your motherboard page) 2) Graphics drivers (from vendor e.g. nvidia/amd, not from your motherboard page) 3) Your mobo's sound drivers if you want them For the rest, it's fine to use windows WHQL drivers IMO. What mobo do you have out of interest?