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  1. I have heard of RAID but I'm not to sure of what it is, are you able to explain. How many USB ports are available with this MOBO? TBH, probs only 2 or 3 ports will be used at the one time. Is the PSU good enough?
  2. Yeah was thinking the same is you guys, I won't be OC anything, I just hope to run everything at stock speeds. Thanks.
  3. Hi again! I mentioned in my previous post that I am looking to build a gaming PC for my little brother, this will be his first PC. I got some tips from everyone in the last post and y'all told me to hold off on getting a GTX 970 and wait for the RX 480, so I did. Now that we have prices and performance figures for the 480, what do you think of the card? I have posted a link below to what I hope the build will look like; http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/LgwRsJ Please tell me if there is anything that should be changed to make it run better if you can think of
  4. Hi everyone! I am looking to upgrade my PC a little. I've only had it for about a year now and I'm thinking of getting a new CPU. This is my current build: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/ryyo96/saved/qqbfrH What CPU would you guys recommend for this PC? My intentions are to play triple A title games at their max resolution and above 60 FPS. The PC already does this most of the time, so would I benefit from upgrading my CPU? What are the advantages of getting a new, better CPU? Thank you.
  5. Thanks for your help guys, will make adjustments and show my brother. How quiet do you think this machine will run?
  6. Probs not going to OC the CPU, will just run it stock. What power supply would you recommend?
  7. Didn't realise that the motherboard was a mini one. I usually prefer to go for Nvidia over AMD because I know the specs of those cards better than the AMD. Is there a site that you know of where I can see the performance of the 480 compared to other cards?
  8. What would be a good make/brand of the Z170 motherboard, Asrock? http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/QymbtJ How does this look now?
  9. Hi everyone. My little brother is wanting a gaming PC so I've made a parts list up of what I think is a good PC for his standards. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/YN3rxY What do you guys think? What would you change to make it better? He will want to play games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Fallout 4 and other graphic intensive games at or close to their max settings Any help is appreciated, thank you.
  10. So find the location of the program that I want to move in the C drive, cut and paste the main folder into the D drive?
  11. Hi guys. Just a quick one (hopefully). I've got two drives in my PC. An SSD and a HDD. I have installed a lot of things onto the SSD (being the C drive) and I would rather have them on the HDD (the D drive). Is there a way to move the programs on the the D drive without uninstalling them and re-installing them onto the correct drive? Thanks for any help.
  12. Hi everyone. So I now have had my gaming PC for a few months now, and I love it! This is my first gaming PC and the first PC that I've had that has had two storage solutions, an SSD and a HDD. My Hard Drive is 2Tb and my SSD is 250Gb. Now it's not like I'm running out of space on the SSD but I kinda am. I think I have like 100Gb left on it. I have the OS on the SSD, and a few games from steam. What I am wondering, how do I save things like photos, videos, documents or anything else onto the HDD and store them there? I'm wanting to keep the SSD for gaming and the Hard Disk for everything e