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  1. Hi, So I've hired someone on UpWorks to build me a website, and they are requesting I give them access so they can upload information via FTP. I don't want to give them total access and give access to my admin username etc. But in the wordpress folders I have three options. WP-Admin | WP-content | WP-includes I was only going to give access to WP-content, and just wanted to check with someone to see if thats all the access they should need? Or can they not change anything if I give them access to WP-Admin? Many thanks Alex
  2. So at the moment I've not remade a partition on the drive. It's just as if I had put a new drive into the PC. I was told to get Acronis and make a bootable usb and recover with that stuff. I guess it's good that I haven't remade a partition on the drive and the chances of getting it all back are good? I also won't be doing resizing on an active partition again! Unless it's a new drive with nothing on!
  3. Hi, So. I have just formatted my hardrive which had all my files on it. I had it partioned with an OS on part of it and my files on the other. and I extended one partition and then tried to unpartition it as I needed to recover something from the OS partition. I've ended up deleteing the entire hardrive. I've not reformatted it in disk manager its just a drive to be formatted at the moment. I need to know what to do. Do I take it to someone. Reinitisialise it and attempt to recover. If I recover should I get folders back rather than it spewing out files a
  4. I feel like saying psu but I'm not an expert. As you said you under voltaged the gpu and that didn't make a difference. Do you have any old hardwear so that you can test components to see if they are just failing under heavy loads? Or maybe stress test individual components to see what happens?
  5. Does it only happen on heavy games or on lighter games too?
  6. A DAS sounds fun, if ure into ure storage. I'm currently a little put off! Well I have fixed my problem, but its annoying I now have two SSDs that can't be used. I will have to take them into work and wipe them on our machine.
  7. Sitrep. I've got it to boot to the M.2 SSD on its own. Problem. I had to disconnect the two SATA SSDs I had in there to make it work. So, me thinks that the harddrive format must have something to do with it, as both SSDs used to have Windows on them at some point in their lives. Could there be some truth in that? Also the two other SATA HDDs I have in there are not registering as OS bootable options, and they haven't. I so prefer working on commercial workstations and servers, theyre so simple!
  8. This is what I thought. But looks like it is possible. So the M.2, when F11 is pressed appears as a bootable option, and I'm currently on that OS. But when I come to set it as a boot option, it's not there. Infact none of my hdds but 1 appears. But that has been wiped clean. I will try unplugging it to see if that makes a difference. But im at a loss with it too. Doubt I would have a faulty mobo?
  9. https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MPG-X570-GAMING-PRO-CARBON-WIFI The Mobo https://www.samsung.com/uk/memory-storage/970-evoplus-nvme-m2-ssd/MZ-V7S500BW/ Boot M.2
  10. So, there is only one installation of windows on all my harddrives, which is on the M.2 SSD. I didnt think the M.2 would use a Sata port?
  11. Just bought an MSI X570 Mobo. I've got 2 NVME M.2 SSDs installed on the mobo. Windows recognised the drive in the install gui but when I added in my sata SSDs I now have to manually select it from the boot menu upon post. Any ideas? Do I need to install on UEFI? I have experience installing windows so I know thats not a problem. I can't see any clear settings in the mobo to allow me to do this. Any ideas appreciated.
  12. It means I need a new Motherboard for overclocking which are hard to find at a good price.
  13. Hi, I'm playing BF5 a lot at the moment and I recently put a GTX 1060 6GB into my pc that I had been mining with for the last year. I'm not getting amazing performance in big scenes with 64 players and I'm running at 1080p medium settings. It just seems silly. Is it my processor that is making the biggest difference or do I just have a crappy system that I need to upgrade.
  14. Hi there, It's probably been said before so don't crucify me. I'm trying to find a DAC/AMP combo to run my AKG K550 (I know it isnt a big powerhouse, but I intend to upgrade in the future) I also have a pair of Rokit KRK 5 G2 Monitor speakers. I really need the input to be optical (SPDIF) Outputs to be balanced XLR also with a 3/4" jack out the front with the ability to switch between the two as I like. (Or something to run my speakers off and a 3/4" jack, the switching is a must have too) If anyone knows a good solution then let me know. Preferably something
  15. Hi, I take it the priority is CAD and video editing. Just some things to think about. CAD takes advantage of GPUs so you could possibly look into getting a second hand quadro from ebay. It doesn't need to be anything recent, but could be worth looking into it. Another thing is a second hand GTX 1060 6Gb. Miners have started selling them second hand, and as its light gaming it won't be being used as much as a normal gamer, so longevity shouldn't be too much of a concern. The SSD is a solid choice. The HDD tho. Maybe a WD black would be better. I know from my own CAD files h