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    Interested in Computers, But has no money to get into it.
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    A stupid kid who acts like he knows how to use a computer when in reality he just wings it.
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    AMD 7700k APU
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    ASRock FM2A88M Pro3+
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    8 GB DDR3 1800 MHz
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    Integrated R7 graphics
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    Fractal Design Arc Midi R2
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    1 TB WD Black
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    450 Watt Antec PSU
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    22" LG TV
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    Stock AMD Cooler (for now)
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    Razer Black Widow Ultimate
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    Logitech Performance MX
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    Integrated Sound with crappy speakers
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    Windows 3.1 (JK it's 10)
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  1. 10-4, Just thought i'd bring that up because I don't know much and all i've been taught is any sort of magnet+harddrive=death and destruction
  2. It was all good until my little cousin spanked a nice, shiny, and powerful Spongebob magnet on my computer case, riiiight next to the hard-drive. Of course I didn't notice for probably, i'd guess up to 4 months? LOL
  3. My 1TB WD-Black has 45,000 hours of use, and just about 50 registered dead sectors. I'm suffering bad transfer speeds, and crashing 1-2 times a day. She's on her last legs. Would me clearing out as much storage space as possible, and defragging the disk possible bring the crashing down to a minimum, and maybe let me squeeze some life out this harddrive for up to a month? And if not, are there any other tricks and tips? Thanks,
  4. I'll definitely email them regarding this, and I guess you're right about the "scamming". I just got a little bit heated over this lol
  5. It's not that, it's that Amazon, the kings of internet shopping is scamming buyers like this, lying about "new" hard drives which are actually more then halfway through their lifespan. It's scummy imo.
  6. After 2 years of using my 1TB WD-Black HDD, I noticed signs of wear. Transfer times being Consistently Inconsistent, crashing and hanging under load, and just general sluggishness. So I ran CrystalDiskInfo, to find out that my HDD is in critical condition, but what truly caught my eye is that it allegedly has over 45,000 hours of Power on Hours. That's over 5 years of use. How can my hard drive have over 5 years of use, when I purchased it 2 years ago? That means when I bought it "new" from amazon in 2015, it actually had ~3 years of use on it from the get-g
  7. Umm, can I eat some of your chocolate from your vending machine?

  8. I seem to be having trouble with downloading one of the files needed. It's probably right in my face but I have no idea how to save this thing! https://gyazo.com/bdb4518fc652b314a38c85e775e7440b
  9. So I am trying to render a ~5 minute video, with a fair but of audio cuts and video inputs, but every time I try to render the video, the rendering STOPS at 24% rendering. Vegas Pro doesn't crash or stop responding, it just stops counting frames rendered. Trying to close out of the rendering window, it states i've stopped the render, but the window doesn't disappear and the cancel button stays inactive. I've tried disabling GPU rendering, i've tried rendering in different formats, i've been struggling with this problem for close to a day now and it's drivi
  10. Randomly, with no warning, my microphone started releasing constant static whenever in use. This started randomly mid-use, with no restarts, updates, etc. I used different microphones, in both the Front and Rear microphone input jacks. The microphone I use is a very generic $5 mic, but it works and hasn't given me any trouble. I do not believe this is the fault of the microphone, I used another microphone to no avail. Some people are saying it is the fault of Windows Updates, but this began randomly, with no help of updating. Any Help
  11. 450 wont cut it, a 550-600 watt PSU of your choice will do fine.