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  1. I think that the XFX XTR 650W 80+ Gold is a decent PSU for your build. It costs around 100 dollars.
  2. Oh and btw is the XFX XTR 650W PSU 80+ Gold any good?
  3. Could you please specify which PSU you mean exactly? I get it the brand is good but which PSU exactly? Sorry for bothering I´m really new to this.
  4. Should I just go with the CX-600 Corsair PSU?
  5. Well I heard that Corsair is a low end PSU.
  6. Hi, I`m building a new gaming computer and I wonder which power supply to buy. I checked alot of them already( Corsair 600w, antec, evga e.t.c) and people do not recommend them. Pc components: GTX 560 Ti Intel Core i5 3570 8GB HyperX Please recommend me a good and cheap powersupply, nothing over 100 dollars if possible
  7. I have this 430w powersupply that does`nt work with my Intel Mobos. I tested it on 3 different intel lga 1155 mobos and one old one, but it still does`nt work. Suprisingly when I test it on my AMD motherboard which is probably very very old and outdated, it works. What`s the problem here? Is my PSU or my Intel Mobos failing or perhaps something else.
  8. The mobo worked just fine until I tried to force a gpu into it, lol.
  9. I get this solid amber green on my dell optiplex 380, I have tried everything and failed everytime. My powersupply is working fine, I switched my psu into an other pc I had and it worked just fine. I replaced the cpu, reinstalled ram, replaced ram, re-installed CMOS, checked Harddrive and it worked fine, Checked to see if all the cables was in places e.t.c but still no hope which leads me to think that there is some issue with the mobo. I might be wrong though. Your my last hope Linustechtips, what should I do?? :3
  10. I wont remive the heatsink, only the plastic thibg tjat covers it.
  11. the heatsink is there and wont let me