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    INTEL Core i9 9900K
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB 3200Mhz
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  1. Bonus points: some websites protected by Cloudflare were rejecting PIA's IPs as potential bot or something, so "some requests" were not passing through, if done via automated software using a VPN proxy (see privoxy). AirVPN servers seem to be better tolerated. Or it is just a huge coincidence and something changed with Cloudflare protection at the exact same time, but I doubt it.
  2. They just gave me 3 days of free trial after contacting them. My docker that was not doing so great is now rocking full power (*hum* ...). Thanks to a working VPN with port forward feature ! Also, if you mention you are thinking about switching from PIA, they will give you a 10% code to motivate you. I will certainly switch to AirVPN. The only downside I see from this free trial is the lack of an easy to use Chrome extension. And their desktop app is kinda fishy, compared to PIA...
  3. I'm very interested by this thing you mention. I will look into it. If i remember correctly, with hide.me, you had a webpage to request a port forward on a particular server, and then you had to modify your config file slightly to point to this custom config. After that, the port forward was also in a way "permanent". The only reason I switched was the price, it was quite expensive. Also, since most "VPN oriented" dockers on unRAID support PIA by default, it seemed like a good idea. And it has been, until they started this migration. Maybe I will switch one year, asking for a parti
  4. Hi everyone, This is a rant. I'm not happy with PIA anymore. I also cannot advise anyone to go with them at the moment, until they fix the issues. The why is below. The problems have started massively since they started doing a migration to new servers, which now apparently support Wireguard by default. This is the new standard for VPN. In itself, it is a good thing, BUT.... First, I have some dockers that can automagically detect the assigned Forwarded Port from PIA and use it. Since they started the migration, my docker was not doing great (let's leave it at that
  5. Most PS exclusives are now time limited or console exclusives, so they will come to Xbox at some point or at least come to PC (see Horizon, see Final Fantasy). So if you have a console next to a gaming PC, the PS5 only makes sense for like 1 or 2 games, like maybe God of War. From an emotionless PoV, value per dollar, the PS makes no sense. If you only have 1 console to choose and no PC, the Xbox is appealing because of the Xbox Game Pass, that will extend to PC if needed (PCMR!). I would only buy the PS Digital if I am on a budget but somehow know that in the future I
  6. Now that we have most of the information about the PS5 & Xbox SX, we can make better choices about a couch gaming setup purchase. Here are some paths that don't lead to any discussion first: I have all the Youtube money, let me buy ALL the things. No real discussion here. I only have the budget for my gaming PC, so no console for me . No real discussion here. PCMR for the win, F*** consoles . No real discussion here. I don't see the point of couch gaming. I will play all the games on my gaming PC. No real discussion here. I own an older TV or I don't own a
  7. I did not complain about PSU compatibility though
  8. In short, I'm happy to see all those performance results. Great stuff ! But, am I the only one that got stuck on the wattage numbers ? The 3080 sucks ~100 watts more than the 2080. That is not nothing. I know that probably most gamers don't care about the power bill, but still, that is also more heat to get out of the case. And when the summers keep getting hotter & hotter, I don't know if I want to game next to a 3080 (or 3090 omg) powered gaming ring in those months (no, I don't want or can't even have an AC installed)... My take, that maybe is 100% wrong: the car
  9. My fans & radiator are on the motherboard side, yes. The radiator cannot go in the other compartment, exactly for the reason you mention: the tubes. I guess that if you want to hide your fans, you could put them on the other side, it should fit, if you don't have a cable mess back there (hello Corsair RGB). In the photos/videos I've seen, the GPU seems to be pretty close to the MB. So it may help for even bigger GPUs than a 2080 Strix, but IF it fits, the tubes would probably be stuck against the back panel of the GPU all the time. Also, the official vertical mount from Lian
  10. The point of GN's video is exactly to demonstrate that either pump up or tubes up are bad, so I trust them on that. I know that tubes up is not as bad as pump up, but still, Steve said it is not recommended, so... And my 2°C gain is proof he was not lying about it.
  11. This post is aimed at getting feedback from people that watched GN's video and followed through with the advice given. Or at least giving mine TLDR : Coolant temps at idle went down from 32°C to 30°C, nice ! I just did it yesterday, thinking I was just doing it to extend a bit my AIO lifespan. I did not suffer from loud fans, pump noise or burbling. My AIO is a H150i Pro, front-side mounted in a O11 Dynamic (probably a popular config for cold air intake). The tubes were up, but still above the pump, so not the worst case, but still not ideal. I did so, because having
  12. So, for Linux users, is this better than one of the bazillion versions of VNC clients or servers you can find ? BTW, is VNC still relevant ? I've setup Apache Guacamole at work but I've still to install the VNC services on the host machines (for now only SSH). I'm wondering if parsec could be better.
  13. I've been informed that this has been going for at least one year. This is mindblowing. So it is probably old news for most people. Anyway, I hope it could pop up in a Google Search about this youtube livestreams and prevent someone to get caught in this scam.
  14. TLDR: A large scale fraud/scam operation is going on on Youtube right now. It is based around Microsoft and Bill Gates and the recent news about Bill Gates and Blockchain. You get scammed in BTC. Please help get this to Youtube's attention by reporting the livestreams (if you want to) or by contacting them if you "know people". Even worse, some poor guy's channels are compromised to feed that large scale scam/fraud. Hello everyone. In short, I fall for a scam two days ago. I don't want to wine about it. What is done is done. What I want now is to prevent anyone else to get hurt.
  15. So I guess that LTT viewership is only 20+ employed people then ? That is why there are so many memes about "I have a potato PC and here is Linus building a 20'000$ machine"