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  1. Moving around in game but not actually moving in real life is most likely going to make you motion sick pretty quick. Games that are room scale where you physically walk around your space or use teleport locomotion where you warp from one spot to another pretty much avoid this. Games where you move with the thumb stick or driving/flying games where your eyes see acceleration but your body doesn't feel it are going to be uncomfortable for the first little while. As soon as you start to feel sick, get cold sweats etc... stop immediately and take a break and come back later when yo
  2. ReVive for Oculus content Boneworks Vtol VR Pavlov VR Eleven Table tennis Cloudlands mini golf (Coop with friends) Star Trek:Bridge Crew Iron Wolf VR (Need a Racing wheel or gamepad at least) Project Cars 2 Dirt Rally 2 (Need a HOTAS or gamepad at least) Il-2 DCS World (Will crush even high end systems) MS Flight Sim 2020 (will crush even high end systems) Elite Dangerous
  3. Possibly under the names ArmA or ArmA:Combat Operations depending on your region. If you couldn't walk and reload your rifle at the same time, it was probably this.
  4. There is a quest version of Onward that runs natively on the headset. The graphics are gimped compared to the old PC version but they gimped the PC version graphics as well to allow crossplay.
  5. If you don't mind paying a bit more you can get a much better quality stick from the more boutique manufacturers who still have them instock. The VKB Gladiator is a good option as it sells for around the price of TM T16000M sticks right now but blows it away for inputs. Otherwise you'll have to keep and eye on the used market or for restocks of the cheaper stuff.
  6. From what I've seen the FB thing is the primary issue with it. The hardware seems very compelling especially for standalone VR and If I could get one for twice the price that had nothing to do with Facebook ( or at least a working jailbreak ) I'd probably pick it up. Bang for the buck it's for sure the most feature rich headset available. They are for sure selling at cost or even a loss to get you into it for data mining purposes. That mixed with the fact if you ever get banned from FB or just want to quit for any reason you loose all your Oculus game purchases and your headset is a paperweig
  7. I wouldn't get one due to FB but in your situation it might be the only option as from what i hear the hardware is pretty decent. You didn't list the GPU in your laptop which is hugely important to vr performance and unless the GPU is connected to a displayport on the laptop any new PCVR headset is out of the question anyway. for quest you're going to need a USB 3 cable to stream the video and control data to the PC assuming your GPU is decent to begin with.
  8. I'll start off saying with Covid, FS2020, Squadrons etc... the market for Sim peripherals and most tech really is crazy right now. Prices are very inflated if you can find anything in stock at all. Depending on your budget I'd suggest a Thrustmaster T16000M HOTAS kit (Around $160 USD) as a good entry level setup. It will give you enough buttons to fly anything up to a modern fighter jet although use of modifier buttons to double up the number of inputs will be required for the most complex aircraft. I wouldn't bother with the kit with the rudder pedals as the stick and thrott
  9. There is tons of great youtube tutorials to walk you through any of the different planes and systems along with Chuck's Guides if you're into it but it does require some work and practice. IL-2 and VotlVR are also good if you just want to fly without too much complexity. Project Wingman is super arcadey like Ace Combat Racing games are fun too. Dirt Rally 2.0 Project Cars 2 Assetto Coursa
  10. The base game is free so grab it and give it a go, that will tell you pretty quick. It likes as much single core speed as as you can give it and as much ram as you can give it. 16 gb Ram should be fine for SP and small MP servers. Large MP server you'll want at least 32 GB. Put it on an SSD or you may have weird issues with texture loading and being kicked from servers for taking too long to load although once the game is in ram you can usually join the 2nd attempt with an HDD. With that said, I have a buddy who plays it on a old AMD Phenom 2 quad core, 16 GB Ram, SSD, and GT
  11. If your budget is $1500 for the Wheel/pedals setup alone i'd look at a kit from https://fanatec.com/us-en/. They have bases that are compatible with PS/PC or Xbox/PC and you can mix and match bases, wheels, and pedals/accessories to match the kind of driving you want to do. You aren't going to get a whole direct drive setup for that price but you could get a very nice kit and splurge on a direct drive base later to work with your existing wheel and pedals if you choose.
  12. MS FS2020 will only support WMR headsets initially so either an HP Reverb G1 or preferably G2 for best optics so you can read the gauges. I'm using a G1 for DCS World and can read the instruments much more clearly than with any previous headsets. You're probably going to want to go pretty high end with PC specs as well. A recent Intel like a 9600K or better at 5Ghz or Ryzen 5600X with 32GB Ram and at least an RTX2080 but preferably a 3070/3080 if you can find them to up the visual detail and super sampling. These are recommended specs for DCS World VR but I imagine FS20
  13. The index would be a noticeable visual and audio upgrade over the OG Vive. If you want to go balls out the Pimax 8KX would be a huge visual and FOV upgrade but you need a 2080 or better to even bother.
  14. That's a subjective question as only you know what you experience, I'll Say Oculus Quest 2 with link cable is the best bang for the buck as far as visual and tracking go but you have to deal with a mandatory Facebook account which I will not do. you're opinion may vary HTC has a wireless option via a PICe card for the Cosmos Elite but it's pricey and the old vive controllers it uses are dated. If you want to mix and match the Cosmos Elite with a pair on Valve Index controllers and base stations it can be a good wireless PCVR experience. Valve Index would give you p
  15. For me it feel like looking through every other VR headset i've tried but with a much wider horizontal FOV and a bit wider vertical FOV. I can still see the edges of the screen but they are much further into my peripheral vision than the scuba mask feel of regular headsets. In PiTool you can pick from multiple FOVs depending on what your PC can handle but it acts like letter boxing on a TV where the screen is black in the far edges but you can still see it's backlit. I tended to keep mine on normal (140 degrees i think) as I was getting too big of a performance hit on full FOV with my 1080ti