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    Intel 4790k
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    Gigabyte Z97 Gaming 3
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    16gb DDR3
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    Evga SC Gtx 970
  1. I try most titles I have a 32" 1440p 144hz Display. Doom Eternal is lush at Ultra Nightmare settings. A lot of titles i see the GPU pegged and CPU never at 100%. Most of the time between 40 - 60% with the exception being Flight Sim. Thanks for your inputs! Might as well stay with my 8700k then for a bit Money saved LOL
  2. Hi everyone Contemplating an upgrade but wish to know whether it is worth it. Currently have a 8700k, 32Gb 3000mhz RAM & a 3080 FE. Looking at a Ryzen 5600x with an update to 3600mhz RAM. It is worth the upgrade? I don't do any productivity, only gaming. Will I see a tangible difference at all? Many thanks, Louis
  3. Hehe If these are steam games.. theycan be backed up by just copying the steam library over. Same with origin, U-poo games.
  4. In my opinion and experience doing an upgrade can bring along numerous problems and it is always advisable doing a clean install. As always starting from scratch is always the best idea. Can you borrow an external hdd to backup those needed files?
  5. Done a full strip down. AKA mobo on box with just cpu & ram attached. The board still does not fully power up.. Exhibiting the same symptoms..power loops.. cpu fan does a small rotation. 2 different PSU's... The one i was using.. another from a working pc. Still does the same.. Now time to look for a non crap socket 1155 as the i5 2500k is not a crap chip and paired with the gtx 670 makes it a moderate gaming machine. All i seem to find new are H61 boards. Preferably I would like one with sata 3 on board. Thanks, Louis
  6. Thanks guys I will borrow a psu.. I don't want to pull apart my gaming rig. The spare machine was working fine for months before this. The only new hardware I have added lately was a pci-e hdmi capture card.
  7. Hi all, First time poster. Just looking for some advice. I have a spare pc with Windows 8.1, it bsod'd on me with kmode_exception. Now it refuses to power on most of the time. The psu light flashes between yellow & green, the cpu fan does a small turn. Sometimes it will fully turn on, only to turn itself off minutes later (no bsod, just power off). Due to the length of time this can happen, i cannot gather any details from when it did the BSOD. The power on would continue to loop until to force the power off. Would this be a psu or motherboard issue? I don't wish to wa