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  1. I had enough of being a console peasant..
  2. I have a Corsair H105 in my H440 and It's perfect! I would very recommend it. It is possible to install the cooler yourself but I would also recommend asking someone to help you as it can get pretty tricky when putting in the screws.
  3. Oooo my CoD4 favorite Nice dude!
  4. What rifle have you got? Just out of interest.
  5. So you have.. It's a Monday, my brain isn't 100% Thank you very much bud!
  6. I only either use the rifle on private land (I have told my neighbors that I own the Airsoft rifle and that it is only an Airsoft rifle) or when I am at a skirmish.
  7. My mistake I should of said in my post that it must be matte, black if possible, my bad. I'm guessing the brand you have recommended is available in the UK?
  8. Guessing this is best and only place to ask this type of thing. So I've had my CM16 M4 Raider-L AEG Two-Tone since I bought it as I didn't have a UKARA license at the time. Now that I have my license, I want to spray paint my M4 another colour. I've had good experience using Plasti-Dip whilst modding my computer case/components but nothing like an Airsoft rifle.. Too anyone who has good experience with painting objects like an Airsoft rifle or similar, or too anyone who has painted their rifle what brand of paint would you recommend? P.S - I do change my mind some times
  9. Populous: The Beginning.. Too many days spent on this game when I was younger.
  10. I agree, PlastiDip is a better choice as it's easily removable if you decide to change your mind in the future.
  11. I live just outside London so nope
  12. So i've done some looking around on the internetz and I have been unsuccessful in my search for a triple monitor mount for my BenQ monitors. I have 1 xl2411z monitor as my main gaming monitor and 2 gl2450ht monitors as my side monitors. I want to get a mount for them to add an aesthetically pleasing touch to my setup. Has anyone found or know of a mount which is able to hold these monitors? Thanks
  13. LE, 150 wins, same name as my LTT username, hit me up if you wanna play a couple of MM's.
  14. I have a i5-4690K myself, it's never let me down and I very much recommend it.
  15. Thank you all for your responses, very appreciated.
  16. Hello, I'm very interested in purchasing a Gigabyte G1 980Ti, I have looked at other review websites but I never can really trust them.. To those whom are owners of the G1 980Ti, opinions? Many thanks.
  17. I'm LE now, drop me a friend request if you want to play some MM. (LE - 150 wins - 500+ hours)
  18. I have been wanting to overclock my Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X for some time now but I have never been sure what clock speeds to overclock too.. I plan to get a new graphics card in the near future so I want to see how far I can push my 290X. What is a good overclock that will be stable but still have beneficial affects? Thanks
  19. Legendary Pigeon (LE)
  20. DMG - 150 Wins - 1k Hours between two accounts. Is that any good?
  21. I'll keep it in mind next time, thanks
  22. I have some time to think about it but ultra wide monitors are very tempting.. Thanks for your help
  23. I mentioned that I did not know where to post this thread, I apologize for not doing so. Thanks