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  1. Yup, get them as well. Tried to get contact info for police one time by "Oh I have another computer, how can I get a hold of you to fix that one too", they didn't fall for it. But yes, I have had quite a few clients come in who have fallen for that.
  2. Indeed it is. As I said, my mistake. Your contribution has solved the whole problem. You are the real winner here.
  3. Lol I try. I literally teach old people to use smart phones for 8 hours, so its hard to get into it after answering dumb questions like the one I asked all day. Member for like 2 weeks.
  4. Ah I will re install. Well this was a waste of time. I am just used to seeing people get greedier and greedier. Jumped to assumptions. Sorry All. :blush:
  5. Not sure if you can tell by the screen cap, but in a normal vid, when you hover mouse over the time line, it expands so you can click on a part of the video to watch. On this vid for me the timeline is smaller, and I cannot click on any part of it. The cursor doesnt change like usual. It is like I am watching advertisement.
  6. I am using google chrome. Wont let me select anything on the timeline. Just on the one video.
  7. Have you considered Razer? I went with them for their own branded mechanical switches which have worked well so far.
  8. EDIT: This post was resolved, as it was a case of jumping to conclusions and not trouble shooting. I will leave the original post up to humiliate myself for making assumptions. I dishonor my family. EDIT Hey guys, I just watched the Water cooling mac book video on youtube, and I was disappointed that you removed the controls for skipping to a different part of the video. I get you don't want us to skip your advertising, but I wanted to take a look at the before and after again, but could not without re watching the whole video. I do my part to bring you guys money. I subscribed,
  9. 4K gaming, or 3 monitor surround? Those should be the only times you will need 980 sli or greater. I dont think the ti will put you in that much of a better position for either, so go with next gen's titan x. Why spend 1000 for a little increase when you can spend 1300 for a large increase. I am guessing because of older model spec increases, 980ti = 980 + 15%, gen 2 titan x= titan x + 10-15% so therefore if titan x = 980 +25-30% then gen 2 titan x = 980 + 43% Breakdown - I think the next gen titan x will be 43% better than what you have, where a 980TI will only be 15% bette
  10. Linus Tech Tips just did a video showing sli Titan x's just hitting around 40-60 fps on 4K. Pecking order from lowest to highest = 970-980-titan x 3 1440p monitors are almost double 4K for pixels. SLI Titan x would have trouble with 3x 1440p. NCIX tech tips did a video a couple days ago with 4 titan x's, and it took that to run 3x 1440p monitors at a steady frame rate. Wait for next gen and see what happens, or just accept you will not be able to run 3x 1440p monitors on newer games. This doesnt mean you cannot use your current monitor in a 3 monitor set up. Use the 1440
  11. Instant headache. Oops! Multi Timer is what I intended to say. It is a program that has multiple count down timers running at the same time. And it's free. Here is the link from CNET/download.com be careful when clicking next on the install, because if you are not you will install adware. (As per usual on download.com) http://download.cnet.com/Multi-Timer/3000-2350_4-10820869.html
  12. What are you looking for? I know cars enough to probably help you. How do you plan on using it. How long are you planning to keep it. Do you deal with extreme temperatures? I live in Canada. AWD FTW for me. Wishlist?
  13. Spongebob. Thats why you spell it that way. Its easy to forget peripherals when pricing out parts. And operating systems. And surge protector. And while your at it if you have a machine that hits 150 fps on some games why dont you have a 144 hz monitor, and on and on the mind goes until your wallet is empty. (My budget was lost a long time ago, and I am butt-hurt over it, you dont really need a 144 hz monitor)
  14. Stereo headphones - MOBO sound card used. Soundblaster optimized audio 8 Channel MOBO sound card is used, also gives Soundblaster optimization USB - Sound card built in to the USB connector is used. The USB benefit advertised by MSI is that it provides a stable power supply for your headphones. (you wont get dips like some computers might) You guys can correct me if I am wrong, but I am very sure that is how it works. (I own the same Motherboard, just in X99S) Edit : Oops, looks like you found your answer.