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    Tech, some gaming, Windows/OSX, iPhone/Ipad/Macbook user, Android enthusiast.
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    Much like most people here, I have been the tech support of my family for years and turned it into a hobby.
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  1. I am running linux mint, current VSCode, python 3.8.5. Running VSCode through Anaconda navigator. I have a simple file "hello world" that when I right click the file from the left pane and choose "run python file in terminal" the terminal at the bottom of the screen pops up, but outputs no code and no error messages. When i choose the run triangle in the top right, same thing happens and no code is output and no error messages. When i right click the file in the left pane and choose to open the file in an interactive window, it will output the code. I am sure I am doing something wrong but I d
  2. I should have clarified. The router is being used more like an access point than an actual router. Due to restrictions in my home my fiber connection must be in the office of my home, so the modem is there as well. The router is placed in my living room so several of my wireless devices would have the best signal. My office also has the most electronics in it needing a wired connection so all of those devices are wired into the switch and the router is also connected to the switch since my modem only has one Ethernet out on it, which is going from the modem to the switch. I hav
  3. Issues with Xbox one X on network switch I am going to include as many details as possible to rule out any unnecessary steps. I have a network switch that is unmanaged, it has 8 ports. In this switch I have 2 xbox one’s (my xbox is an xbox one x, my girlfriends is an xbox one s), a pc, a Mac, a smartTV, and an Apple TV. There are two more devices plugged into this switch, one of which is a router that only wireless devices (phones, tablets, smart tv in the bedroom) are connected into, the rest of the devices in the house are hard wired. The other device plugged into this switch is
  4. Hi all, I recently purchased a new 128gb flash drive and while I have messed around in the past with live CDs, I want to create the “ultimate” flash drive. This would entail multiple partitions with different live CDs for different scenarios such as an Ubuntu partition, tails, gparted, etc. it would also have a windows 7 installer and a windows 10 installer, with the possibility for portable virtual machines, and possibly an encrypted storage partition for general storage. All of this would be controlled from a portable version of grub (or a different boot loader) that you would boot to f
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. I decided against it in favor of something I can test right away. Also I will most likely be going with something intel.
  6. Hi, I am not too much of a PC gamer but there are a few games I like playing that my current computer cannot handle. I have found a used computer on a local marketplace and im wondering whether or not it would be good for my usage case. I only plan to play starcraft 2 (on at least high settings, maxed preferred), half life games, maybe some civ games, nothing crazy. This wont even be my daily driver (i use a mac mini as main desktop). The deal includes: adata ddr3 1600 4gx8 udimm x2 ram Turbolink ATX-TL500W-BK PSU MSI 760GM-P34(FX) mobo AMD fd4300wmw4mhk CPU
  7. Friend was talking about his other friend building him a "custom laptop" with 2 Titan X's Me-*sarcasm* ....really? desktop Titan X's? With the heatsink and everything? Friend-yes Me-you do understand the size that "laptop" would have to be to maintain proper airflow right? not to mention the fact you dont need 2 Titan X's to play WoW all day Friend-no i need them, he's also setting me up with the fastest AMD cpu tha- Me-Your existence is invalid, quit while you're behind
  8. Building my hackintosh soon and the first game i want to install on the windows partition is Legacy of the Void coming out here soon, love me some starcraft.
  9. Original Video In a video for NCIX linus talks about doing a Ghetto custom GPU water cooling by zip tying a CPU AIO cooler block to a GPU, has anyone ever tried/seen someone do the same for a console? I understand the cooling might be already pretty good for a console, but when has "good enough" ever stopped anyone from trying? I understand ill need an external PSU for the cooler, but thats by the by. TLDR: Console, zip tie CPU AIO water cooler block to CPU for console, just for CPU (thermal pads for ram/southbridge remain unchanged)
  10. club penguin That should have been your first sign
  11. Friends mother, I should have known something was wrong when i booted into it and IE opened by itself to tell me that my computer was infected and there were so many tool bars that IE crashed, then reopened to tell me my computer was infected, crashed, ETC ETC. Nothing nuking from space couldn't fix but there was the eventual "wheres all muh pictures and moosic"