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  1. Ok i get you Thanks to all for the help
  2. I think i'll just wait a bit, get more a little more money and get a better cpu What do you think about that?
  3. ok so you think there will be no benefit upgrading from q6700 to fx 6300? Then i should just get a r9 380 and keep my cpu?
  4. i could get an fx 6300 + MOBO for 150 bucks is it worth it?
  5. What could i get for 120 bucks (cpu+MoBo) thats my max budget
  6. So is it a complete no for the r9 380 with that cpu?
  7. windows 8.1 64 bits (might upgrade to windows 10)
  8. idk if i can call it a "gpu" but.... gt 610
  9. in my region if i sold my q6700 + mobo i would only get 75 dollars and i don't know what other cpu + mobo i could buy with that Suggestions?
  10. Hello guys i just have quick questions concerning this gpu that i will happen to be buying soon: Would it be bottlenecked by my q6700 3ghz (8gb ram) If yes how much? because i can't change gpu+cpu+motherboard (tight budget) I want to be able to play current gen titles like gta 5 and black ops 3 in 1080p 30fps (the more fps the better though ) i also want to play a lot of old titles (max payne 3,mafia 2....) i know it would run them on 1080p no problem but i have an eyefinity setup: two 19" 1024p and one 24" 1080p Would the r9 380 run old games on that eyefinity resolution? Th