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    Intel Core i9-9900k
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    ASUS ROG Maximus XI HERO
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio
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  1. Gonna give it a shot. I'm having the same artifacting happen in RDR2 where the game is basicly unplayable unless i use TAA, but that just blurs the textures to all hell and causes massive ghosting, Hell Let Loose (The one in the image), Fallout 4 if i put shaders on, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, All of the Newer Tomb Raider games and in the newest Wolfenstein. Also i know for a fact one of my friends has the same weird shadow texture problem in Call of duty: Modern Warfare Thanks for the help for now though, i'll try tinker with it some more and if it don't wor
  2. This is taken in-game and as you can see it still shows up. At this point i can only think of either the motherboard or ram being the problem. Not sure what else to think.
  3. Just tested it with my 1080 and it does the same thing. So that should in theory eliminate the GPU being the problem right? Could faulty ram maybe mess with the textures like this? Does it on all the ports sadly Finished testing and i didn't get any errors.
  4. Will give the other one a try. I also tried with both my displays which are the same model and the issue persisted (only using direct DP)
  5. MSI 2080 Ti and it should still be covered by warranty. Yes i have a an extra one All the driver reinstalls was done with DDU full clean install
  6. I've been having weird artifacting, which seems to be either AA or Shadow (or both) related. So far i've been unable to find a fix for it as it does this to varying degrees, with RDR2 being the worst offended to the point of being unplayable. Things i've tried until now is: Reinstalled Windows Reset all graphics settings Tried GFX drivers from the lastest all the way back to 441.41 Reinstalled the affected games Reseated the card An oddity i've found while testing, is that i'm having no problems in Fallout 4 without any mods. Whoever
  7. Hi, i'm in need of a bit of help picking a 900 euro gaming build for myself. The price is just for the PC itself as i already have all the peripherals. Also i'm in the Netherlands if that is of any help? Thanks for any help in advance.
  8. Thanks for the quick response. Time to order a new drive i suppose. ?
  9. Hello I'm in need of somone that would be able to explain what the errors in the picture mean Thanks for any help in advance
  10. Fixed it by saying F it and just reinstalling Windows again since i hadn't really installed a lot yet ?
  11. I've installed all available updates for windows and have had the PC on for the last 12 hours. Any other possible ideas?
  12. I've come across an odd issue after having made a fresh install of Windows 10 (1803), and i'm in need of some help to fix it. Basicly it seems like for some reason it doesn't want to download the standard apps. Also if i edit the menu it will just go back to looking like it is in the image. Any suggetions are welcome, but especially if it has worked for you. Thanks in advance.
  13. 533$ for a 9900k kinda makes me jealous as a european. ?