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Status Replies posted by Maxxtraxx

  1. Eh, FDR:


    Executive order 9066: forced Japanese internment.

    Executive order 6102: forced Americans to turn in their personal Gold holdings

    FDR hated the press: and FDR’s government illegally intercepted telegraphs and used the ill begotten information to subpoena journalists, chilling any decent, and drying up the flow of information to reporters. A law was even proposed to give prison sentences for anyone who knowingly published false information: fake news.


    FDR, Mousolini and Hitler: "The broad-ranging powers granted to Roosevelt by Congress, before that body went into recess, were unprecedented in times of peace. Through this "delegation of powers," Congress had, in effect, temporarily done away with itself as the legislative branch of government. The only remaining check on the executive was the Supreme Court. In Germany, a similar process allowed Hitler to assume legislative power after the Reichstag burned down in a suspected case of arson on February 28, 1933.

    Roosevelt never had much use for Hitler, but Mussolini was another matter. "'I don't mind telling you in confidence,' FDR remarked to a White House correspondent, 'that I am keeping in fairly close touch with that admirable Italian gentleman'" (p. 31). Rexford Tugwell, a leading adviser to the president, had difficulty containing his enthusiasm for Mussolini's program to modernize Italy: "It's the cleanest … most efficiently operating piece of social machinery I've ever seen. It makes me envious" (p. 32, quoting Tugwell).

    Once more we must avoid a common misconception. Because of the ruthless crimes of Hitler and his Italian ally, it is mistakenly assumed that the dictators were for the most part hated and feared by the people they ruled. Quite the contrary, they were in those pre-war years the objects of considerable adulation. A leader who embodied the spirit of the people had superseded the old bureaucratic apparatus of government."

  2. Oh how I long for the story telling quality(and facial animation quality and script quality and voice acting quality) of ME1, ME2 and ME3 in Andromeda... i still like it... but i wanted to love it.

  3. Ok, I was under the impression when they launched that a 1070 was very equal to a 980Ti(in your case 770's in sli(but imo 1 card is always better than 2 given the choice of similar performance)) so, if you got a 1070 you could expect similar performance, right?


    I was also under the impression that a 1080 was faster than a 980Ti but the 980Ti still has 300ish more cuda cores so overclocking has greater effect.


    I quote from hardware unboxed ~1 year ago from hardware canucks youtube video:


    "Nope, the 1080 isn't intended as an upgrade option for 980 Ti owners, naturally that will be the upcoming 1080 Ti. The 1080 is designed to replace the 980 and offers those users a nice 60% performance boost. The 980 Ti also overclock to perform within 10% of the 1080 in most games."

  4. I am curious though to hear both of your thoughts on what a wise course of action is with a country like north korea. 1. What is our current best possible trajectory as things stand and 2. If NK did start a war, then how do we respond.

    I realize those are big questions that i know i can't even answer myself but any thoughts would be appreciated.

  5. Thank you for the apology and thank you for expressing your thoughts. War is a terrible thing because of the death and horror it causes to people, the second Iraq war was and is no different. The estimates I've seen for the number of deaths under Saddam's regime are in the 250k to 500k range, a very large number. I do not disregard the terrible number of people that have been killed since the war started. I will likely never know first hand what they have gone through but my hope for Iraq is that a democratic government will prevail for the best interests of the people.


    I love my country I fear for it and I pray for it, that wisdom will prevail in the minds and hearts of those who are in decision making positions. Yes the US has done countless things in the last 50 years that it should not have, it has also done countless things that are right that very few will ever remember, record or care about.

    I do not support all of my country's decisions but please do not say "you guys" implying all of America had a hand in his actions because 99% of "us" have not.


    I'm a blue collar American that has been very privileged to live in the US. I have the desire on daily basis to serve my friends and neighbors with respect, compassion, love and peace that has been afforded to me by Christ foremost and those who lived before me second. I can effect the world within my sphere of influence to the best of my ability and I pray that it's repercussions will improve the lives of others.


    I'm not a historian or a scholar, I am a Christian first and try to be an optimist second and so I try to effect change for the better whenever I can.