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  1. Skype chrome steam spotify battle.net OBS
  2. hi sorry i haven't replied, i actually forgot i made this post i solved the issue, for anyone that wants to know how, it was actually really simple. maybe not the best or quickest way, but i reverted back to windows 7, installed the drivers then upgraded to windows 10 again. and all is working as intended! yay! from what i understand the issue was windows 10 trying to do a background download of the driver, but failing and not letting me find, cancel or remove the driver, so i couldn't install it manually either, but once back in win 7 it allowed me to install it.
  3. So. I just upgraded to win 10, awesome stuff! fancied a bit of games! noticed my games where freezing alot! then thought dang... i didn't update my drivers! off to nvidia experience i go! click install, then it tells me it cant install as no compatible hardware was found. im using an old GTX 560TI but im fairly sure that's fine, problem! "TO THE FORUMS" i said out loud at 6am waking the mother.... i go to nvidia forums, and they say this is down to the first startup of win10s automatic download of the update in the background, and ive tried to install it my way it didn't like it. but i cant
  4. its a closed loop. kinda hard to get to the motor. but gona buy a new one for a few squids.
  5. fair doos, im not gona cry over a few extra pennies
  6. its an old "coolit" something im not sure to be honest but i just had a check and it seems like the pump is broken. the radiator is nice and cold but the cpu block itself is hot as hell.
  7. a case is very little more then personal taste. find something that works for your need and price. so long as it has the size to fit your components it really does make little to no difference. as for the parts. obviously for gaming the GPU is the big one. as you said a 970 will give a great bang for buck. the CPU is another part that will make little difference for gaming. but! for rendering and other hobbies or work this is where you mite need to look about and find what works for you. the ram is ram. honestly its not that important if your able to buy 2x8gb that would be ideal, but if m
  8. just thought maybe the pump in the cooler is broken? its a old closed water loop from antec i believe. any ideas of how to check that?
  9. would you say im better of changing the ram for something else then? maybe save a few £ and just overclock some cheaper ram?
  10. i have more then a few tubes of compound left. so its alright. cleaning the old off is harder then i thought it would be... its like rock. (mite of found the issue
  11. every good point, had a blonde moment there. but still the pc will most likely shut down before i have time. but i will try.
  12. considering its booting off a rather slow hdd i dont think i will have time before it shuts down. but still had some good advice and will try it all once i get a day off. thanks all.
  13. gota admit though they are crazy fun with a group of friends, i spent far to many hours on dayz and rust so on.
  14. i can smell the 720p from here. although they did say they where aiming for 30fps at 1080p on console
  15. ah sorry about that, im new here and it didn't cross my mind to look.