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  1. ok i have no other please to ask this so here goes so i just started collage and i also have ADHD i have informed the collage Dr. and she said that i need to wait a week till she'll tell me what they'll do to help me so i keep wondering that how there gonna help me with me having ADHD? i heard they can help me postpone on exams or give me more time on Homework but i dont know if its true or not? i have no idea what they'll do to help me so can anyone tell me please?
  2. and english dont forget thats also a useless subject i mean i already passed english at school with a 90% and passed in IELETS with a 5.5 and got CEPA english almost a full mark! English class is so freaken usless! and arabic islamic? really? i what world is arabic and islamic a requirement in finding a job? in my country NON!
  3. i expected that we get to pick a subject that we are intersted in and not being forced to study these subject that we dont want or dont need!
  4. just started my first year in a university and the classes that i take is pretty weird and it makes me feel like im back in school the subjects are Advising Math Global English Arabic Islamic i study in UAE and i have zero idea why we have to take these classes these are meant for school not collage so why are we taking these subjects? the worst parts are that im terrible in Math and i hate that subject and English - i have no idea why i have to take english class i already passed CEBA and ILETS and have a 90+ mark on it on a school 12th grade subject Advising? - why do we h
  5. so whenever i use tor and use a link say rgergergergbegergreg.onion it times out and doesn't work however if i type rgergergergbegergreg.onion.city then it works, but when I'm in that website a lot of links are listed but when i click one of the link it says This is a rotten onion. Under United States jurisdiction we are unable to relay to: rgergergergbegergreg.onion and it shows this monster onion cartoon image this does not happen with my desktop it only happens with both of my laptops I'm not sure why? is there anyway around it if you have no idea what the problem
  6. i just started collage and they tolled me that i should buy a new laptop they tolled me that i need it, they also gave me a 12% discount card on the macbook air, but the latest macbook thats simply called 'macbook' has just a 5% discount but its a 100$ diffrance and im tourn on weather i should get 128GB or 256GB of SSD im not sure which one i should get. the extra 256GB cost 150-200 dollars extra and also tourn on weather i should get the latest 'macbook' or macbook air and don't know if I should wait for a new MacBook air or just get one already and my friends tolled me that
  7. ok im not gonna game on 8k thats just out of the question! im perfectly happy with ny 2k screen 1440p but just been wondering what type of hardware is needed? and how much should it get overclocked to achive 8k gaming on max out setting excluding AA which is zero needed for 8k ofcource do you need a gtx 980ti or titan x? and if so how much of it? is needed? 2 gpu's or 3 gpu's or 4 gpu's! and what about cpu? would a 5960x overclocked be better preformed then the i7-6700k? please let me know think you
  8. if anyone is wondering why im asking if anyone knows any movies that is kinda have the same style as ''mirror mirror'' is because my mom loved that movie she wishes that she can see it again on tv but my brother deleted the recording, and i checked in the OSN tv site and typed the movie name and saw that they dont have the movie in schedule which let my mom down i felt sad for her so maybe there is a movie kinda like that that has sorta the same story or style or whatever i personally dont enjoy these movies i think that they are a bore but i enjoy the time spend with my mother and like it
  9. like i said i dont want to lower hairworks i wanna lower something else is there any other thing that kills the fps in the game?
  10. ok i know with my pc spec GTX 980ti and 4790k i can get 80+ or 100+ easy but what i want is to make the game at MAX setting the 2 settings that is most importent to me is the 1440p and hairworks so other then lowering these setting is there another way to MAX up the setting with out lowering the Res and hairworks? and do you guys notice any difference between hairworks AA? which setting should I lower to maintain 50+fps I dislike it when it drops at 49fps or less
  11. I don't wanna go threw that again, I hope someone can just give me the files and tell me where to post it in opeiv