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    Yttrizy got a reaction from Trav_X in You decide, how I shall mod it !   
    Yes, and i know, rip quality. I dont have a camera so i had to use my phone
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    Yttrizy reacted to wrathoftheturkey in You decide, how I shall mod it !   
    You answered your own question. Dicks spray painted on the side of the case.
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    Yttrizy got a reaction from k2711000 in NEED HELP REALLY BADLY   
    Oh my god, thank you guys, a sign of relief, I was literally shitting my pants as it froze. Damn, such a good thing that forum exists
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    Yttrizy reacted to meenmeen1103 in NEED HELP REALLY BADLY   
    If you had set Afterburner to start up with Windows, Just hold down the ctrl key on keyboard right when windows logs in from boot up to bypass the settings
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    Yttrizy reacted to carsonwen in NEED HELP REALLY BADLY   
    Plug your display into your motherboard and bypass the gpu. If it still crashes. Remove the gpu completely. Then go in and remove the application. If crashes wiithout the gpu installed your problem isnt the gpu.
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    Yttrizy got a reaction from Zangashtu in Warm AIO air into the case?   
    Corsair Spec alpha
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    Yttrizy got a reaction from NyxeonFX in ~$900 USD build, looking to cut down the price.   
    skylake doesnt have integrated graphics
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    Yttrizy got a reaction from Jack Dvorak in What do you think guys?   
    Yo, As of tommorow, the sun will shine, the people of my city will be happy , and the peasants will be distinguished. Im joining PC master race! And tommorow
    im getting my new pc, that im going to build by myself. Wanted your guys opinions, and what to change, 'till it's not too late.
    RAM DDR4 2133 Hyperx Fury Black. 2x4 8 gigabytes Graphics Card MSI GTX 1060 Processor Intel Core i5-6600k HDD Seagate barracuda 1TB Case Corsair SPEC-Alpha Black and Silver Power supply Seasonic M12 Modular 520W Processor Cooler Kraken X41 The Motherboard                                    Asus Z170-A Keyboard 
    Corsair Strafe RGB /w Cherry MX Reds Mouse SS rival 300 Headset Hyperx Cloud 2  
    So what are your opinions? Love to hear your responses.
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    Yttrizy got a reaction from EPPHO in Suggest me games on my new system!   
    DOOM Benchmarks i have found tho. Looks pretty solid
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    Yttrizy got a reaction from NinjaJc01 in R9 390   
    From ppl experience they say sapphire or MSI are the best. Strixes are usually pretty solid but not on 390 because it does not have a VRAM cooling. 
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    Yttrizy got a reaction from stconquest in My PC RIG build   
    Nah ;D Lithuania is where im at @stconquest
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    Yttrizy reacted to Thony in Plans to a new pc   
    Its a good build.
    U would need better GPU if u want to play games on high-ultra.
    And definately u want an SSD.
    Better gaming build would be:
    i5-4690k (i7 is useless for gaming atm, might help with DX12 games though)
    Gtx 970
    600-700w 80+ bronze
    8gb ram
    Hyper evo cpu cooler or better depending on the OC.
    500gb-1tb Hdd
    120-256gb ssd
    I believe price would be the same but i might be wrong so check partpicker ?!
    The parts i named would do better job for gaming and anyone would recommend u i5 over i7 for gaming.